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Mariner urges govt. to re-float National Shipping Line

Mariner, Capt. Adewale Ishola, on Monday urged the Federal Government to
re-establish the national shipping line for security reasons.

made the plea in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria(NAN) in Lagos.
reports that the Nigerian National Shipping Line (NNSL) was liquidated in 1995
and its more than 20 vessels sold.
need a shipping line for the purpose of our national security.
times of war, because when we were in NNSL, we had to carry our soldiers to
Lebanon, to Congo, for ECOMOG.
when I left NNSL; I was in a private shipping company; we also carried fuel to
ECOMOG; I was in Liberia, I was in Sierra Leone.
But if you
do not have a national carrier, it is going to cost
the country a lot of money.
You are going
to pay a lot to hire foreign vessels to do your job for you.
there is no secrecy about what you have as your security equipment; which means
they can sabotage it.
it is good to have a national carrier. it is for our national pride too.
will also help us to our flag around the whole world.“
master mariner  suggested that the pursuit of a national carrier
should be public-private -driven initiative, where  government  should
provide the enabling environment and funding, while professionals manage the

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