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Association demands truck marshaling yard for effective operations

Association of Maritime Truck Owners (AMATO) on Monday urged the Federal Government
to accelerate action in acquiring a truck marshaling yard to serve trucks
operating at the ports in Lagos.

Chairman of the association, Chief Remi Ogungbemi, made the plea in an
interview in Lagos.
He said that
the proposed plan by government to acquire a 51-hectare land at Mie 2, Lagos
would be strategic to serve trucks operating in Apapa and Tin-Can Island ports.
“We all know
that truck must come from somewhere; there must be a place that will serve
either as a marshaling yard or a truck terminal.
and discussion is also ongoing that government acquires the 51 hectares at Mile
2, and Mile 2 is a very strategic place to both Apapa port and Tin-can port.
“So, if that
place can be acquired and built up, I believe the place is big enough to
accommodate all the trucks that are operating; both Apapa and Tin-can.
“It is then
there can be sanity and orderliness in the operations of the trucks in the port
Ogungbemi  said that besides that proposal, the association
was  also speaking with management of the
Nigerian Ports Authority(NPA) to introduce a truck call-up system at the ports.
He said when
effective, trucks would only come to the port when booked and ready to be
attended to by the terminal where they would load.
He said the
arrangement would ensure that truck did not just come to queue on the road and
waiting for days without entering the port.

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