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Book Review: Hazards of Maritime Transport

Book Title: Hazards of Maritime Transport

Authors: Olu Akinsoji and Ade Ogunsanya

Publisher: RexCharles Publications. Ibadan.

Year of Publication: 2009

Volume of Book: 248 pages


The concern of United Nations on the human element of maritime transportation has long been established and continues to be intensified through the International Maritime Organisation (IMO and the International Labour Organisation (ILO). The perpetual efforts of these bodies and all others concerned are based on the willingness to acquire more and more knowledge on the complex and multi-dimensional role of man in shipping against the challenges and hazards posed by nature.

The book, Hazards of Maritime Transport addresses important issues which cannot be ignored in the understanding of maritime transport operations.

Organised in 13 chapters and written by professional mariners and academics of repute, the book will contribute significantly to the understanding and effective management of hazards on ships.

The authors attempt to highlight the hazards at sea on ships and the challenges they pose on mankind to mitigate them for social and economic development of the world. It deals briefly on how the world has over the years, come together to face the challenges.

Attempts were also made to update the statistical figures, however, the available facts of figures presented are to stimulate and provide searchlight for interested students and researchers.

It is also to provide the basis upon which hazards are minimised through accident investigations, analysis and research for technical and human development.

In local content of the book, the impact of oil pollution and case study of hazard in the marine environment were the authors.

While it is expected that the book will serve as reading and reference material for cadets, students, instructors, researchers, shore-based management and regulatory bodies on the various maritime transport fields, it is also envisaged that it will create enlightenment for seafarers and other shipboard personnel, especially as regards the various hazards they are exposed to in the course of discharging their duties.

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