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Olu Akinsoji’s thoughts on IUU fishing in Nigeria

Engr. Olu Akinsoji

By Olu Akinsoji
Let me support Margaret Orakwusi on her
insistence on government action
against poaching (See here)  in our territorial and
exclusive economic zone EEZ. 

From her observation and expressions
it appears poaching, that is Illegal, Unregulated and Unreported (IUU) fishing
activities have continue to increase proportionately with our economic

I feel worried because this
undesirable issue came up about 30 years ago when I was the district engineer
surveyor in charge of Lagos and its environs.

The question is which authority is
responsible for the associated persistent economic leakage or the sovereign

Sometime ago, say about 19 years, this
economic leakage was considered at ministerial level along with the enormous
crude oil related IUU and other unlawful acts against merchant ships, to propose
a critical look at the security control of our coast (territorial and EEZ).

That was done with
a view to achieving an effective structure that will allow peaceful, efficient,
accountable and sustainable control of the economic activities in our

Nigeria has out-grown the inherited
numerous structures of different authorities in the marine environment. 

In fact, the number of security control units continue to increase over the years as we
attempt to solve challenges arising from one type of security or another.

My humble suggestion as we resolved
many years ago, is to harmonise all marine security related patrol units of all
the relevant authorities with their resources into one command, say Nigerian
Coast Guard (NCG) with powers to arrest and prosecute.

It should include
relevant units of Navy, NIMASA, marine police, custom,   special security units etc.

We need a meaningful structure to
execute the abundant laws of the state just as we also need it for fruitful
foreign assistance and cooperation.

The maritime industry environment is
now large enough to have a unified law enforcement agency that is friendly and
clearly understood by stakeholders.

The earlier we consider this reform
the better. It will not adversely affect the status of the existing agencies.

Olu Akinsoji is a renowned Marine Engineer.

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