Customs FOU ‘A’ seizes donkey hides worth 15bn

The Nigeria Customs Service, Federal Operations Unit Zone ‘A’ has made seizure of two containers of donkey hides valued at N15 billion.

The Controller in charge of the unit, Aliyu Mohammed told newsmen in Lagos   that the animal skin were discovered at a location where they were being dried and in preparation for export.

Mohammed made known that the seized items were under the export prohibited list , because it is aimed at protecting the animals like many others, from going extinct.

Owing to investigations going on over the prohibited item, Controller Mohammed said the Unit would not disclose the area where the seizure was effected.

He said the seizures including vehicles and drugs are worth N16bn, as he told newsmen that the seized drugs were intercepted on the road from a border area in Ogun State.

The Controller vowed that the Unit would continue to go after smugglers and ensure that their ill-act is kept under check, in order to protect lives as well as the nation’s economy.