International Dance Day: Africa dances to tell

Tosin in a street dance performance

Dance drama in Bariga by Segun Adefila's Crown Troupe


Traditional Odi Ogori dance 

On the International Dance Day, which is a global celebration of dance created by the Dance Committee of the International Theatre Institute, the main partner for the performing arts of UNESCO (Wikipedia), we simply reflect on Africa’s Dance Culture.

It is a strong reminiscence, because our local societies have continued to reflect their diverse cultures through dance.

For contemporary Africa, young people are creating a mix of the old and new. And beyond dance for entertainment, they are teaching the new generation values of trust, hope and commitment to worthiness in different facets of life.

The International Dance Day is observed every year on 29th April, which is the anniversary of the birth of Jean-Georges Noverre, the creator of modern ballet. (Wikipedia).