W.TEC is training a generation of girls, women fit for all jobs in STEM, says Oreoluwa Lesi

Girls at the W.TEC  technology Summer Camp in Lekki
CEO W.TEC, Oreoluwa Somolu Lesi

The Women’s Technology Empowerment Centre(W.TEC)in its 10th year,  has  incorporate new global perspectives to its technology training curriculum, to empower young girls and women with contemporary knowledge  and confidence to explore and compete across platforms.

For its first summer camp in 2018, CEO W.TEC , Mrs Oreoluwa Somolu Lesi, said the theme of #shecreatescamp focused on teaching the girls how to ‘create’ with a knowledge of robotics.

“We have tried to review our curriculum and make it wider, so we decided to focus on robotics and data analysis for this summer camp.

“ For the two weeks spent in the summer camp here in Lekki, the girls worked on projects putting their knowledge of robotics to practical test,” she said.

For their practical session, one of the groups constructed a toll-gate facility and was able to demonstrate how the technology works, with display of precision in its calculation.

With the residential camp still ongoing on the mainland in Lagos, Mrs. Lesi appreciates the fact that girls who had attended the technology training camp earlier are able to give back by coming to train younger girls.

She said “ We have some of the alumni come to teach. Like some of them who attended our programme in 2015, they are here to teach now. We have actually had that in the last few years.”

She said that the training programme has continued to help girls in their choice of career as some of them have taken to studying  medicine , computer science and other technology-based courses in college, adding that it actually quips them for professions in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics(STEM).

According to her : “A girl who attended our camp in 2013 is studying pre-med with a minor in computing. She actually said that the information and knowledge she got from the camp helped her because she was able to keep up with students from other parts of the world.  

To keep relevant on global platforms, W.TEC finds global competitions where  alumni of its programmes can participate and compete against girls from other  schools across the nation and other countries as well.

Lesi also highlighted the fact that some of the girls use the knowledge to begin professional photography, filming  and doing volunteer jobs like helping petty traders transition their manual sales records into electronic form.