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‘Hydrography is key to well-managed seas, safe shipping’

Olumide Omotoso has vast experience
working as a hydrographer with the Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA). He talks on
the  importance of hydrography in safe
navigation, as it falls within the theme for the 2016 World Hydrographic Day
‘Hydrography: The Key to well-managed seas.’
In this exclusive interview with Marine
Network, Omotoso ties the importance of well-managed seas to the sustainability
of vital means of livelihood, especially for maritime nations.

The World Hydrographic Day is celebrated
on every June 21. For this year, the Nigerian Hydrographic Society is
celebrating as well, with the theme internationally as ‘Hydrography: The key to
well-managed seas.
The United Nations’ priority on good
management of seas and waterways is critical, because the ocean is where we
derive our livelihood, and safety of navigation is also critical in anything we
The world hydrographic day is also an
opportunity to create safety awareness and the vital role that hydrography
plays in our everyday lives; the environment, the aquatic life, in terms of
navigation, shipping and every other area of our lives.
 Even in disaster management, fisheries
management, it is applicable everywhere because the entire marine environment
is inter-connected. As far as we are concerned, once we have the marine
environment, hydrography is the backbone , any way you look at it, because you
need to know the dynamics of the rivers; what are the status of the underwater,
what it contains, the dimension, the depth, the position.

it is critical that our seas, our rivers, are all managed well for sustainable
support of the human life and coastal nations like Nigeria that depend solely
on the oil and gas.

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