Customs Command revenue dips by N13 bn in 2015

The Nigeria Customs Service (NCS) Apapa Area Command said it generated N288. 3 billion in 2015 as against the N301.2 billion it generated in 2014.

 The revenue figures show a shortfall of N13 billion in the 2015 revenue generated compared to its revenue for the previous year.

It would be recalled that economic activities in the country generally suffered an all-time low, bearing the restriction of some items for import and the FOREX restriction policy that rocked international trade by the last quarter of 2015.

Meanwhile, a breakdown of the command’s revenue showed that in January 2014 it generated N19.1 billion; February was N17 billion; March N19.1 billion; April N29.3 billion; May N28.1 billion; June N24.8 billion; July N22. 6 billion; August N25. 4 billion; September N30.4 billion; October N31.5 billion; November N24.4 billion and in December N28.9 billion. 

A breakdown of its revenue figures in the corresponding period in 2015 was January N20.7 billion; February N21.5 billion; March N32.3 billion; April N20.7 billion; May N23.8 billion; June N24.6 billion; July N24.4 billion; August N30.1 billion; September N23.3 billion; October N23.3 billion; November N20.7 billion and in December N22.4 billion.

The revenues are generated from duties payable on imported items and other prescribed levies.