Mariner wants NIMASA to supervise Maritime Academy of NIgeria, Oron

Retired Rear Admiral Godwill Ombo has called on the Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency(NIMASA) to have direct supervision of the Maritime Academy of Nigeria (MAN), Oron, Akwa
Ombo, who is also the Deputy Secretary-General of the Society of Nigerian Mariners (SNM) made the call in an interview in Lagos.

He said the call became necessary because the academy had not been given the required attention to enable it to train manpower to international standards for the maritime industry.

Ombo said that academy would only fulfill its purpose when professional seamen were given the opportunity to run the academy as it should be.

``MAN, Oron should be completely upgraded.

``MAN, Oron had failed the maritime industry for bringing up tomorrow’s captains and tomorrow’s chief engineers because they lack the basic necessity in today’s terms to bring those young men and  women to meet up the standards that is international.

``NIMASA is supposed to have an oversight function of what MAN, Oron should
be doing.

``We need to have the persons that drive the MAN, Oron, should be professional sailors.

``They must be professional sailors; there are so many sailors that are retired that are willing to go back to MAN, Oron and give that institute
what it really needs.

``We need professionals who have been there at sea, who have lived their lives at sea to be running MAN, Oron.

``It is a technical thing. It is not a state thing, it is not a political thing, it should be a technocrat, somebody who has been a chief engineer at sea for years that will bring his personal experience to train the younger ones coming.

``Somebody who has been a captain at sea for years should bring his personal experience to train the younger ones coming.’’

Ombo, who was also a former Flag Officers Commanding, Naval Training, said NIMASA should as a matter of urgency, ensure the upgrading of facilities in the academy to meet 21st century standards.

He said that if the nation’s maritime industry would have chief engineers and captains to run it in the future, concerted efforts to make it happen must begin today.