Stakeholder urges LASG to lift restriction on truck movement

Mr Joseph Odiase

An importer and truck owner, Mr Joseph Odiase, on Thursday urged the Lagos State Government (LASG) to suspend its policy restricting the movement of container -laden trucks between 6.a.m. and 9 p.m.

Odiase, who made the plea in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Lagos, said the restriction order, which excluded tankers carrying petroleum products was discriminatory.

He said there was nowhere in the world that trucks were restricted to move only at night, adding that the policy was like closing the ports which served as gateways to the nation’s economy.

The truck operators advised government agencies concerned with traffic control to live up to their responsibilities to reduce accidents.

``Lagos State Government should suspend that policy and seek for an all-inclusive contribution from all the stakeholders because it is not right to close the gateway to the economy of this nation.

``So much has been lost in this few days and the truth of the matter is that the truck drivers, the importers, the ship liners, the shipping agencies, they are the ones who are at a loss; and we exporters and importers.

``There is no economy in the world that runs its ports in nine hours; it is not done.

``So, we need the Lagos State Government to actually reverse that and let the various government agencies; the VIOs, the Road Safety, the Police, let them do their jobs.

``All these things we are talking about will be put in place. The truck owners will be forced to repair their vehicles.

``SON (Standards Organisation of Nigeria) should do their job; they should check the importation of tyres because the truth of the matter is that 100 per cent of tryes imported into this country are all sub-standard.

``I buy tyres for my trucks and you will be surprised that we change tyres virtually every two months; tyres that are supposed to last for a minimum of one year,'' Odiase said.

He blamed the government for the deplorable condition of the roads.

Odiase said people should not be made to suffer over poor roads.