Maritime training academies must have training ships, says mariner

Capt. Adewale Ishola

A master mariner, Capt. Adewale Ishola, on has bemoaned the lack of training ships by maritime academies in Nigeria.

Ishola said in an interview that, more than ever, it had become necessary to address the issue beyond just training the cadets, to enable them advance practically.

He said it was displeasing to experience a diminishing trend from the training he had as a cadet when there were trading ships that readily admitted cadets for seatime training.

 “I am not totally satisfied with what we are seeing at the moment. The issue being that, yes, we are training cadets; there are no ships where they can have their practical experience.

“And without practical experience, you cannot go further in the course.

“We are training people but we don’t have enough ships where the students and the cadets can have seatime to do professional courses.

“The academies need, they training ships. In the days of NNSL, we had ships and we had dedicated training ships; two dedicated training ships that can take 30 cadets each; River Andoni and River Mada.

“But nowadays we don’t have even a national carrier. The indigenous shipowners, even if you see ships, the ships are not trading.

“How can cadets learn on ships that are just sitting down in one place? I am sad. We are not getting people who can replace us.”

The mariner disclosed that it was more worrisome that the industry was experiencing a shortfall of younger generation of professionals to replace the older ones on the job.
He said that had made a number of retired professionals to continue working, especially providing specialised services for the oil and gas industry.