22 ships expected at Lagos ports

Twenty-two ships are expected to arrive at the Lagos ports with various products, the Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA) said on Monday in Lagos.

Contained in the NPA daily publication, the ‘Shipping Position,’ the ships are expected to arrive at the ports from June 29 to July 13.

It said six of the ships are expected to sail in with general cargo in six, while eight others are to bring in food products including frozen fish, rice in bags, bulk salt, buckwheat and crude palm oil.

According to the NPA, seven of the expected ships would bring in containers, while the remaining one is expected to arrive with bulk gas.

Meanwhile, seven ships arrived at the Lagos ports with petroleum products in six of the ships, while the remaining one sailed in with rice in bags, according to the NPA.

 A breakdown given by the NPA, shows that the petroleum products include petrol in three ships, diesel in two others, while aviation fuel arrived in only one ship.