NIWA, Sea School, boat operator collaborate on safety awareness for passengers

Seacoach floating jetty at CMS

The Seacoach Ferry operators says it is collaborating with the National Inland Waterways Authority(NIWA) and the Sea School, Lagos, to create safety awareness for passengers who travel by water.

Prof. Adebayo Otitoloju, the Country Director of the Seacoach Ferry Nigeria, disclosed this in an interview in Lagos.

He said the company took safety seriously and would continue to create necessary safety awareness to passengers, even though they understood the basic safety measure   of using life-jacket..

“We are organising training with the National Inland Waterways and the Sea School, to raise the level of the passengers’ safety awareness. 

“Although, the people are getting used to the need to conform to the safety measures that as really required by using their life-jackets.

“But we are aware and want the passengers to be too, that safety comes first in this operation,” he said.

The  Seacoach Country Director  said that their operations had recorded high patronage because the passengers felt safe seeing the safety features of their ferryboats.

“The patronage has been unprecedented because the passengers have seen all the safety features that are in this boat and they feel safe travelling in it.

“This is actually a cocked-boat, meaning that it cannot sink because of the cocked materials used in making the boat.
“This means the boat will always float at any point in time, which is a major safety ingredient for this particular boat,” he explained.

Otitoloju said the boat captain would never be saddled with the challenge of looking out to ensure it was on course since the boat had modern navigational system for accurate mapping.

The ferryboat operations cover CMS to Ikorodu and CMS to Apapa at the moment.