Don tasks students, parents, government on roles for academic excellence

Dr Mike Adebamowo, a former Head of Architecture Department, University of Lagos (UNILAG), says that achieving academic excellence is the joint responsibility of students, parents and the government.

Adebamowo said that there was need for students, parents and government to ensure that excellent performances were not the exclusive preserves of a handful students.

According to him, excellent performances by a handful of Nigerian students at international competitions are exceptional cases and cannot serve as a yardstick to assess education standards in the country.

Adebamowo, who is also a senior pastor at the Grace and Glory Chapel, said a student’s attitude to academic work was fundamental to the degree of excellence he would achieve.

He, however, attributed the falling standard of education in Nigeria to undue emphasis on paper qualification over skills.

The cleric said this fad had made some people to obtain certificate at the expense of knowledge and skills acquisition necessary for promotion of excellence in their own disciplines.

``It is, however, discouraging that much emphasis is laid on paper qualification over the need to be truly knowledgeable and skillful enough to undertake assignments.

``A student’s attitude to work reflects greatly on his or her academic work.

``A diligent and honest student will do all assignments as required and in the process develop the skills needed.

``A diligent student will not attempt to cheat and will not give excuses for assignments not done, ” he said.
Adebamowo called on parents to inculcate in their children’s learning attitude by providing school materials for them.

He also advised that parents should not rush their children into secondary school at very tender age but allow them to be mature enough to handle both academic and social issues.

``Parents must guide their children to build the right attitude towards learning.

``There will always be a remarkable difference in the efforts to learning in a child whose parents show concern to see that he or she studies because it is not enough to just provide materials,” Adebamwo said.

The don also urged the government to increase funding of education and support research at the tertiary level which, he described as the bedrock of knowledge and excellence.

He counseled stakeholders in the education sector to institute a new approach toward achieving academic excellence in Nigeria.