Association bemoans concentration of tank farms in Apapa

Chief Remi Ogungbemi, the Chairman of the Association of Maritime Truck Owners (AMATO)has bemoaned the concentration of tank farms in Apapa.

Ogungbemi expressed the view in an interview in Lagos.

He said that the concentration of the tank farms in Apapa had continued to cause perennial traffic jam within the port corridors and roads leading to the port.

Ogungbemi said tankers came all over the nation to Apapa to lift petroleum products, which would have been made easier through pipes.

``Can you imagine, no other area where they can lift fuel in Nigeria, is only Apapa.

``You will see vehicles, tankers from the North, from the East, from the West, from everywhere coming to lift fuel.

``Why not use pipe? So when the ship brings the product, let it be piped through pipe to somewhere like Ogun State, Ondo State and some areas.

``So that the congestion, the concentration, will be reduced within the port environment.

``People that are sighting the construction of these tank farms; they are to be blamed for this problem.

``You know there were places where we were using before. All those places have been taken away by other business activities and the port cannot operate without these trucks.

According to the AMATO chairman, maritime truck owners operating in the ports will continue to contest for space to park on the roads, while they are on queue to enter the ports.

He said this happened because several business concerns which should not be in Apapa were still there.