Group advocates 'no violence' in forthcoming general elections

Peace Ambassadors at the Joe Femi-Dagunro 'Walk for peaceful Election' at Ogudu, Lagos take-off point.

A non-governmental organisation, Joe Femi-Dagunro‎ Initiative, on Saturday urged Nigerians to shun all forms of violence in the forthcoming general elections.

 The group, comprising of mostly youths, advocated peaceful elections as they walked from Ogudu roundabout in Lagos, to Ojota bus-stop and back to Ogudu.

                                 Pastor Mike Adebamowo(Left) and Pastor Femi-Dagunro giving a word of advise to participants of the ' walk for peaceful election initiative at Ogudu, Lagos, today.

Some of the participants for the walk, listening to  words of advice before the take-off.
 The programme initiator, Pastor Joe Femi-Dagunro, said a message of peace was necessary and important to give Nigerians confidence and hope for the elections. 

``This move is very important for us because we have to spread the good news, and the good news is, no violence, the good news is peace.

"We are saying is peace, not just for this election but peace beyond this election. Peace beyond 2015 in Nigeria.

“That is the message we are preaching and we have to continue to exhibit that. 

"We have to preach it to the people because we believe in peace and this is non-political.

Femi-Dagunro said that everybody, including the politicians and the military, want peace in life, adding that “it is only on this note that we and our children will live happily.”

‎Also addressing the gathering, another member of the group, Pastor Mike Adebamowo of the Grace and Glory Chapel, said the message of peace was crucial and timely now.

He said the walk would necessarily show that the general public want a peaceful and fair election, because it is only a peaceful atmosphere that would ensure a stable nation.

``This is a very essential and timely move in the sense that we all know that the stage is set for elections.

“But we are not partisan. We are sending a message to the politicians and the general populace that all we want is  peace.

“We want the election be free, fair and peaceful. And we know that it is in the atmosphere of peace that there can be development.

“We don't want any people to be used for selfish ambition. We don't want violence; we are saying no to violence.”

Adebamowo said the crowd of people for the ‘walk’ was evident that people had resolved to vote peacefully and  want the conduct of the election to be peaceful.

He added that the initiative was also to show the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) that they had the people’s support and cooperation.