Cleric advocates establishment of Nigerian youths in their God-given position

L-R: Pastor Tunde Bakare, his wife, Pastor Mike Adebamowo during the Grace and Glory Chapel Thanksgiving Service.
Pastor Mike Adebamowo, a senior pastor of the Grace and Glory Chapel, Lagos, said the Nigerian youths must be allowed to take their God-given place in the nation.

Pastor Bakare ministering at the Grace and Glory Chapel Thanksgiving Service

Adebamowo stated this during the Church ‘Thanksgiving Service, where Pastor Tunde Bakare of the ‘Latter Rain Assembly’ delivered the sermon to usher in the new chapel recently.

He used the occasion to warn against the use of young people as thugs for whatever purpose, and described such acts as evil and damaging to the future of any country.

“God has a special place for youths in every nation and Nigeria must protect her youths so there can be a future.

“It is anti-God and is immoral to use youths as thugs for political reasons. 

“Those who use youths as thugs should start with their own children and put them in the forefront. But we know that is never going to be possible.

“In the first instance, their children are probably in America or Canada or Europe, so, it is immoral for them to use other youths for destruction,” he said.

The cleric advised that awareness should be created among the youths, to let them know and understand their identity and strength of their youth.

He said that the action was critical to helping the Nigerian youths  fulfil their God-given mission and purpose in life.

He added that good governance and leadership were critical to solving the security challenges in Nigeria.

“The real solution is about good governance and leadership. Many things are inter-connected because security will not stand in isolation.

“Security, corruption, poverty all work together, even education.

“An educated person, who also has the fear of God, will not go and kill or maim another.

“We must continue to pray against insecurity as a nation; it is a collective responsibility because God is not partial, His love is unconditional,” Adebamowo said.