ANLCA urges duty free for manufacturers of automobile parts

National President, ANLCA, OLayiwola Shittu

Alhaji Olayiwola Shittu, National President of the Association of Nigerian Licensed Customs Agents (ANLCA)  has urged the Federal Government to make importation of equipment duty free for automobile parts manufacturers.

Shittu made the plea in an interview in Lagos.

He said by doing this government would encourage the manufacturers to bring in their equipment, to create more jobs and to support the local assembly plants.

``Since it takes about 2,000 different parts to make a vehicle, government should encourage manufacturers of those parts.

``Rather than being sellers of imported parts, we should be able to manufacture. And you see a lot of them are in Aba; they are in Nnewi; they are in Onitsha.

``If you do a deliberate assistance to those people, let them bring in the equipment for that manufacturing free of duty, as a matter of encouragement.

``Just imagine what 2,000 parts multiplied by minimum of three companies; multiplied by the number of people they will employ; that is a large pool for the country,‘‘ he said.

Shittu said that the automobile companies would provide jobs for many Nigerians considering the high demand for vehicles, adding that this would be a boost to the economy.

He said if deliberate attention could be given to small enterprises in the automobile sector, there would be emergence of `many made-in-Nigeria‘ vehicles in the next five years.

The ANLCA chieftain said that 70 per cent import duty on vehicles would push the business of vehicle imports to neighbouring countries.