BMT completes Hong Kong Port Strategic Development Study

BMT Asia Pacific has announced the completion of the Strategic Development Plan for Hong Kong Port 2030 (HKP2030) on behalf of the Hong Kong Government.

Following an in-depth review of the containerised cargo market in Hong Kong, BMT developed a plan to enhance the competitiveness of Hong Kong’s port sector via a series of staged improvements to the existing container terminals and facilities, through the allocation of more berths, barging sites and back-up land.
“We want to make sure we spend money wisely. Considering global shipping trends affecting Hong Kong, as well as the capital costs associated with various development options, the most viable path for meeting the future growth anticipated over the next 15 years is clearly to focus enhancements on the existing container terminal facilities,” said Dr Richard Colwill, Managing Director of BMT Asia Pacific.
“Growth in container throughput is expected to continue in the coming years, but with a greater proportion coming from International/Regional transhipment, and more frequent calls from ‘mega’ vessels.
"Measures currently underway, such as channel dredging, together with the development steps set out in our study, can ensure that Hong Kong is capable of supporting this trade growth well into the next decades.”
The study involved extensive consultation with key industry stakeholders, including terminal operators, midstream operators, shipping lines, river trade operators, truck operators, shippers and consignees.
Source: Baird Maritime