Association tasks terminal operators on manpower, infrastructure development

Mr Fred Akokhia, the Deputy National President of the National Association of Government Approved Freight Forwarders (NAGAFF) on Wednesday urged terminal operators to develop manpower and infrastructure to improve on their services.

He told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Lagos that the terminal operators had not kept to their pledge to turn around the ports when the concession was carried out in 2006.
He attributed some delays being experienced in port operations to limited manpower to handle the volume of work at the ports.
``When they took over in 2006, a delegation went from NAGAFF to see their managing director then at the port. He even was so proud to show us; he showed us all the dilapidated structures, equipment and everything.
``He said this is the yard of all that we inherited from NPA; that within a period of three months they are going to revolutionise.
``Let us ask now how they have complied with that.
``Till today, they don’t have enough equipment for lifting of containers to position for people.
``They have not trained enough people. When they are talking of infrastructure development in the port, they don’t have enough.
``At times, one driver, he is only the one that will be on duty. They might have about three cranes but if you don’t have one driver on each, how do they work?
``So, you find one driver working.
``But if they have three, it will be quicker. That area of development should be looked into. ``How are they improving in that critical area of their operation? ‘’ Akokhia asked.
He said that some of the challenges at the port continued because stakeholders were not widely consulted before the port concession were done.

Akokhia said it was also erroneous to have left the concessionaires to begin operations without a defined regulator to monitor their activities from the onset.