Association calls for review of customs duty valuation process

Mr Lucky Amiwero, President, NCMDLCA
 Mr Lucky Amiwero, President of the National Council of Managing Directors of Licensed Customs Agents (NCMDLCA) on Tuesday called for a review of customs duty valuation processes.

Amiwero, who stated this in an interview in Lagos, said the review had become imperative in view of the cumbersome cargo clearance processes at the ports.
He said the non-review of duty valuation had hindered trade facilitation.
``The valuation issue is a critical area that needs government to look into. Is not to issue DN, because when you issue DN; most of these consignments are consignments that are billed for collections and LCs.
``At the end of the day you issue DN more than their costs, they will transfer the money. That is why our foreign exchange has collapsed.
``When they started this thing, the foreign exchange collapsed because they were looking for revenue.
``They say they have made one trillion, whereas they have lost more than close to three trillion.
``The implication of that is that you drive people from your process. Processes are supposed to be simplified and transparent and predictable and consistent.
``When you talk about review, there is need for the people who understand the port to be appointed to look at the review. If not, if you look at, we have lost our cargo, we have lost our transit, we have lost our trans-shipment.

``We are completely in a very big dark that other countries are taking over from us. Our process here is inhibiting,’’ he said.
Amiwero said that ``if the present valuation system is not reviewed, industries may begin to leave Nigeria for other West African countries’’.