Chibok Girls Must Live Their Dreams!

Source: The #bringbackourgirls campaign

The protests demanding the release of the abducted Chibok school girls entered a new phase at the end of 30 whole days!
I watched the vigil session on Channels Television last night as the crusaders kept the fire burning.

 People from all walks of life; of course, led by  human rights activities, people who have not only decided to speak, but who also  showed their faces  in this fight against man’s inhumanity to man!
Around the world, there had been several protests by different groups of people, Nigerian and other nationals alike.

Now is the time to begin to salute real heroes and heroines of this great nation. It is a big ‘thanks’ to Mrs Oby Ezekwesili, Femi Falana(SAN) and the numerous great minds who have given a voice to not just the Chibok parents alone, but  to the good people of Nigeria.

In the last 30 days and still counting, the over 200 innocent school girls were taken away against their will, with attempt to scuttle their dreams. No! These girls have beautiful dreams that must not die and that is what the crusade ‘#Bringbackourgirls’ has shown to the world.

The crusade has shown the true Nigeria that we have always looked forward to having; a Nigeria that stands for and supports humanity in its totality, not skewed by favour to tribe, religion or sex!

The Chibok abduction has elicited a world-wide concern. World leaders, great people like Mitchell Obama, artistes around the world, nations have condemned the insurgent’s action of abducting the school girls.  But the nation-wide protests have also proven to the world that there are great Nigerians who understand what a human society should actually be.

Government must do everything within its might, plus getting help from the international communities to ensure that the girls are taken out of the camp of the militants. The actions must not be delayed any further!
I continue to pray with the mothers of the affected girls and trust God Almighty who never attends to a situation late,  that the girls will come back home, well and alive to the warm and loving embrace of their families! #bringbackourgirls now and alive!!!