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Members of the Foodbank Nigeria Board

Coordinator, Foodbank Nigeria,Paul Achem with a group of volunteers in one of their outreaches

Distribution of coked food to children at a school in Ilaje area of Lagos

The Foodbank Nigeria is a non-profit and non-religious organisation founded in 2012 with a mission to feed the hungry in society.

At a media chat in Lagos recently, Chairman of the Board, Pastor Ituah Ighodalo said the aim of establishing the Foodbank Nigeria was to ensure that the less-privileged in the society did not go to bed hungry again.

Ituah said the mission was achievable if every person understood the need to contribute towards the project.

“ We want people to know that no contribution is too small or too big. But we can pool resources together, be it in food produce, money, time or advocacy.”

He said the organisation was wholly committed to providing raw foodstuff to the need irrespective of their religion or tribe.  

A section of the children receiving food packs

He however said that as the organisation continues to sensitise the government  and the public on the need to address the issue of hunger in society, it would continue through research to find out the magnitude of the problem.

“We will find out through research, if the situation  will get better or worse; if the problem is that of shortfall in food production; if food is not affordable of if the food is not getting to the people—the issue of food wastage.”

While the Foodbank strategies to systematically tackle the challenge of hunger in the society,  former  first lady of  Cross River State, Mrs Owanari Duke , who is also on the Board of the Foodbank Nigeria, said the initiative was programmed to ensure people were given nutritious food and not just anything for the sake of giving it.

Also on the Board, the Managing Director of NetLibrary, Mrs Yinka Ayo-Yusuf, said while the organisation carried out food interventions to feed the hungry in society, it also ensured the people got balanced meals. 

A food outreach in Ilupeju, Lagos

Food for all

She said the organisation was open to collecting, preserving and re-distribution of food. She encouraged individuals and corporate organisations to support the cause of closing the food gap in Nigeria.

Owner of  Sweet Sensation, Lady Kehinde Kamson, who is also on the Board, has been supporting the programme and at various times championed food interventions where cooked food was given to children, the aged, disaster victims and those with special needs.

She assures everyone who is committed to supporting the programme that their contributions will be well accounted for and the food support will be properly administered to those who indeed need it.

 A member of the Global Food Banking Network, the organisation, besides adopting traditional and innovative fundraising strategies, it is encouraging people to create what it calls the  ‘ Circle of Friends’  where people agree to contribute a given amount of money to the programme following a pattern they desire.

Foodbank Nigeria is coordinated by Mr Paul Achem.

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