For Every Plan ‘A’ Get Ready A Plan ‘B’

My recent experience on a ‘short programme’ has further exposed me to the fact that we may not necessarily have things work out the way we desire them. It may just happen that after developing a good plan and putting a good work strategy in place to execute the plan, things still work in the opposite way.

Having worked as a volunteer teacher at some point, I loved the feeling of giving a helping hand to people and seeing how well their lives were positively impacted. After that experience, I continued to look out for programmes that could give me such opportunities. Even when I had not taken up such task again for a long time, I considered giving in a short time to volunteering when a need arose.

I felt it was a good idea after all. But beyond my calculations, the first week passed by very quickly. ‘It wasn’t bad to give in a second week,’ I had thought. By the end of the third week, I woke up to the reality that time was never a friend, and that it was never patient enough to wait.

I struggled with arrangements to push an earlier scheduled assignment forward, but it was challenging because all what I was doing was happening in a different city. For everyone who could even help out, they complained about not having been told ahead of that time.

I knew that it wasn’t time for the blame game, so I had to let something go for the other to survive. The experience was not about the theories that are read from books, it was real with me.

I thought of the other plan that I should have put in place, but of course, the workability would only be tested on a next time!
With all said and experienced, I enjoyed an opportunity to listen to a very seasoned Business Management speaker and of everything that he shared, I was glad he talked about having ‘options’. Sure, he said that people who did anything based on limited options, ended up being more rustrated.
It feels great to be back and I must say that I missed you all!