Amazing World Of A Three-Year-Old Nigerian Child (A Photo Exhibition)

Onafujiri taking a photograph of one of his sisters

Master Onafujiri  Remet is just three years old, and come June 8, 2013, he will be exhibiting the best of his photography  collection to the world at Terra Kulture  on Victoria Island, Lagos.

RUN FOR THE CURE: A Charity Of Hope For Cancer Management

Mrs  Duke

The Child Survival and Development Organisation of Nigeria (CS-DON), is bringing hope to people living with cancer through its ‘RUN FOR THE CURE’ programme, with the aim of giving all funds generated to the needy for cancer medication.

Considerations For Giving A Gift

People give gifts for different reasons; either to show love or appreciation. When people celebrate for different reasons too, they receive gifts. While some people don’t worry about the kinds of gifts they give or receive, others feel quite concerned about what they give out as gifts or what they receive.

The Wedding-List Treaty!

At the family meeting holding in Susan’s parents’ house, the elders had already given up on the issue of the day. But if every other person was tired, Susan’s father was not. He insisted on getting everything on the request-list met.

For Every Plan ‘A’ Get Ready A Plan ‘B’

My recent experience on a ‘short programme’ has further exposed me to the fact that we may not necessarily have things work out the way we desire them. It may just happen that after developing a good plan and putting a good work strategy in place to execute the plan, things still work in the opposite way.