Fighting The Girl-Child-Battle ( Short Story)

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I have just been delivered of my fourth baby and she is a girl! She looks so beautiful and very much like her other three sisters. I love her just as I love her sisters, but I am searching for a place of joy in my heart.

I don’t want to be deceived that all will be well, because my husband has been planning on what to do when the baby is born and it is a male child. He never talked about if the child turned out to be another girl.

I have had some very terrible times with him. On several occasions he walks into the room and screams just how tired he was of living in a ‘girls hostel’ with pink dresses and hair decorators flying all over the place.

It is never either comforting whenever his older brother comes visiting the family. They ‘gist’ for long hours, like the world were made for the two of them. I look at them from a corner of my eye and just pretend to be busy with nothing. My heart faints as I see the spark in his eyes. As they talk, they ‘sink’ the house in their deafening laughter.  I would usually walk into the room and expect the traditional line up of things that would follow.

When they are not settled for a football station where they watch live matches, they decide to go down the road to where I actually know not. He cries out for someone to come and lock the door and follows it immediately with ‘woman, don’t worry about food’. The few times I asked why, I didn’t get a response, so I stopped worrying.

The one I hate the most is when he talks about his colleague’s twin sons. He wished that he had a similar blessing, and then the world would be his! He loves their uncommon names; he is excited by the fact that they boys are taken to the football field with their dad on weekends.

But how is it my fault that I have only female children? Is there really a fault to cry about after all?  Well, I heard the nurse speaking with him that mother and baby are doing fine.