Adunni And Nefretiti Celebrates In Live Musical Performance

Adunni and Nefretiti Group at a performance in Freedom Park

In celebrating their seven years of establishment as an African entertainment and cultural group, Adunni and Nefretiti will be having a live performance at the Freedom Park, Broad Street, Lagos, on April 12th and 13th.
                                              The group with Taiwo Ajai-Lycett on stage
Gifted to do traditional folklore songs in different native languages, the all-female group has been identified with their strength in a culture- rejuvenation journey, which goes beyond Nigerian local languages, just when it seemed as though there had been a complete deviation from the traditional folklore songs.  

The group remains noted for opening the curtains back on stage in time past and tagging along with a touch of contemporary society in order to create relevance for their trade.

Adunni  and Nefretiti   has maintain its brand with a consistent  choice of  African-styled head-gear which extends high up when worn. Doing live-performances, just as they do stage and studio production, the young ladies display in-born flare for a variety of African songs. 

They have mastered their art of acapella, capturing the essence of African folk-songs and praise-singing that are common among different native tribes in Nigeria.

                              Kongi's Harvest in Freedom Park
Borne out of the need to portray the rich cultural heritage of Africa, leader of the group, Ayo Orobiyi, said the group was established to contribute to the part of history-making, telling the African story in an undiluted form. Convinced that the Western world had developed by reason of tact record-keeping, Orobiyi believes that her group can keep the records too by way of documenting all that they are doing today.

 “We believe that if our ‘colonial masters’ can keep records of their old songs and call them old school or oldies, we as Africans should also be able to build an archive of old African music without language or ethnic barrier,” she said.

Building new frontiers for significant growth, the group has an established training programme for individuals or group of persons. 

Orobiyi said,“It has been an all-the-time dedication demand. People may see the glitz and enjoy the performances, but it takes a whole lot of work to come this far.”  To maintain standards,  auditions are conducted to get singers who can bring the best out of particular performances.

Talking on the vision behind the establishment of the cultural group, Orobiyi said “Our ultimate vision is to build an archive of old African music with the combination of contemporary music that is laced with traditional dynamism, without language, religious or ethnic barriers. 

It is to adopt cultural apparels and root songs to a point of acculturation of the African cultural background through sound and natural creative works with long term values for our origin, shareholders, clients, blacks in Diasporas through sustained outstanding performances.”

Established in February 2006, the concept of  Adunni & Nefretiti   is to encourage and  promote the development of talents in the women folk, in the genre of music. It is also to build a theatre culture in the youth and women. The group proudly identifies with music icons that have over the years been enviable representatives of Africa through their works.