I-REP DOCU Film Feast Begins In Freedom Park, Lagos

The 2013 edition of the i-Represent International Documentary Film Festival (aka iREP Docu Film Feast) will take place between March 21-24, at the Freedom Park, Broad Street, Lagos.

As is traditional with every edition, the generic theme for the iREP 2013 is Africa In Self Conversation, while the theme for the 2013 edition is Reconnections.

Over 30 popular and award winning documentaries sourced from notable and new filmmakers around Africa and its Diaspora, Europe and the USA, will be screened during the festival. 

The films all essentially treat themes that concern developments and realities around Africa and its peoples. Specifically, the films deal with issues of spirituality, religion, politics, culture, conflict, gender discrimination and affirmations, among others.

On the line-up for screening in the course of the festival is United States of Hoodoo by Oliver Hardt, which has been selected as the opening film for the festival tomorrow.

 Others include Orisha by notable Nigerian filmmaker, Kunle Afolayan; Ifa of the Yoruba People by renowned filmmaker, Tunde Kelani; Urban Prayers, by Sabrina Dittrus, Crackles of Our Times, by Sibylle Dahrendorf; Oranian by Tobias Lindern; Fatai Roling Dollars: A Legend Unplugged, by Femi Odugbemi.

 In addition, all the 10 finalists in the Afrinolly Short film Competition will be screened in a special section of the festival.

iREP International Documentary Film Festival, which in its three years has become the preeminent documentary film festival on the continent, will also play host to about 15 international filmmakers, especially from Germany, Southern Africa, USA and others.

Special Guests to the Festival include the actor, director, filmmaker and scholar of Africana Studies, Professor Awam Amkpa of the New York University, USA, who is a specialist on Africa and its Diasporas; and post colonialism. He is also the co-founder and executive director of the Real Life Documentary Film Festival, Accra, Ghana. 

He will deliver the keynote of the festival on theme; Reconnections: Africa’s Post-colonial Journey to Identity.

The Festival will also feature various Workshops, Training Sessions and Master classes to be handled by experts from Europe, the US, South Africa and Nigeria. Among the Facilitators of the various workshops and training sessions aside from the Special guests is OLIVER HARDT, a freelance director, writer and filmmaker.

The Goethe Institut, Lagos, has also facilitated partnership with such organisations as Ag-DOK, the association of film producers of Germany, and the DOK Fest, organisers
of the Document Film Festival in Munich, Germany.

In its years of existence, Africa has worn many faces and has assumed many identities most of them imposed by outsiders looking in. What then is the true definition of an African; what parameters can be used to define the African? Is it our values, cultures or our religion?

How do Africans at home and in the Diaspora see or think about themselves and their identity? What impact does western education, religious and economic value systems have on African socio-cultural life -- for instance creating in the African a conflict of identity?

The discourse of the African identity requires more than mere rhetoric of race and space. It is a world that is alive in every African; at the most, misunderstood and abandoned, yet, it is undeniably present. It defies the common, and reaches into the heart of the essential nature of the black man in every detail of its being. It is in the understanding of this core force in every African that will ensure the future of Africa is nourished.

The scope of the Festival would cover such areas as the need for rediscovery – spiritually, morally, socially, politically and economically – a reconnection with our true identity and values, and the potential of this resulting awareness to be used as a tool for reshaping the African nation.

For the notes, I-Represent International Documentary Film Festival is an annual
festival that is dedicated to the promotion of awareness about the power of
documentary films to serve as means for sharing social and cultural education as well as encouraging participatory democracy in our societies.

The maiden edition held in January 2011, in Lagos, brought together a pool of veteran filmmakers, film scholars, critics, Arts enthusiasts, and students from different parts of the world. Executive Director of iREP, Femi Odugbemi said that: “We believe strongly that the 2013 Festival would provide completely invaluable opportunities for all participants to discuss cogent issues that are germane to the future of filmmaking in Africa, and indeed,
the World.”

Odugbemi added that activities at the conference have been carefully designed
to cover a wide spectrum of knowledge areas and interest, which will include Paper presentations, Training and Workshops, Interactive panel discussions, film screenings, and Networking.