Sunset for Literary Giant, Chinua Achebe


News of Professor Chinua Achebe’s death made the rounds yesterday in the electronic media. Aged 82, Achebe was reported to have passed away on Thursday March 21, at a hospital in Boston, Massachusetts, United States of America.

I-REP DOCU Film Feast Begins In Freedom Park, Lagos

The 2013 edition of the i-Represent International Documentary Film Festival (aka iREP Docu Film Feast) will take place between March 21-24, at the Freedom Park, Broad Street, Lagos.



The first confab of Nigerian playwrights was held at the Obafemi Awolowo University(OAU), Ile-Ife from 8th-10th March, 2013 at the Conference Centre.

Missing In Transit! (Fiction)


My best friend Idera turned 40 on Saturday, but the day passed by like any other day. All that she had planned for her 40th birthday five years ago was different from the reality on ground today.

Some things in a super-mom’s World

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Hilda had taken her last dose of injection and was struggling to explain to Otemu, her husband, what she could remember before she blanked- out and eventually woke up in hospital. ‘I was having some snaps of headache earlier, but I belie…’

Uli: A Symbol Of Forward To The Past


From the archives!

By Ambassador Robin Sanders

Ambassador Robin Sanders with Eziafo Okaro, Uli Woman painter in Ogidi, Anambra State.
                                                                                                         Photos: Krydz Ikwuemesi
While serving as American Ambassador to Nigeria, Robin Sanders loved the art of Uli (creative decorations done on different media) by Igbo women of South-eastern Nigeria.

CCA Presents Opara’s ‘Emissaries of An Iconic Religion’

                      ''Emissaries of an Iconic Religion'' installation view.  Photos: Jude Anogwih

Adolphus Opara’s ‘Emissaries of an Iconic Religion’ opened on March 11th at the Centre for Contemporary Art, Lagos (CCA,Lagos), and will run through to April 21, 2013. A first major solo exhibition in Nigeria by the Lagos-based photographer,  fifteen images from the twenty strong Emissaries series made between 2009–2011, offering a unique and visually compelling photographic portrayal of the custodians of indigenous religious beliefs are featured.

Bruce Obomeyoma Onobrakpeya: The Man, His Art And Love For Urhobo Culture

For over half a century, Bruce Onobrakpeya , an octogenarian and a  master of contemporary arts in Africa, has remained bonded  in love with his paint and brush and his crusade for the advancement of the Urhobo culture.

First Anambra Book and Creativity Festival: A Review

Eze Prof Chukwuemeka Ike
By Onuka Egbe

The First Anambra Book and Creativity Festival  held between the 21st and  24th  of  November 2012 in Awka. Organized by the Anambra Book and Creativity Network, a fledgling organization led by C. Krydz Ikwuemesi , polyvalent artist and lecturer at the University of  Nigeria whose organizational antecedents include the Pan-African Circle of Artists, the Art Republic, the Mmanwu Theatre in Enugu, the Igbo uli heritage preservation campaign, among other projects. 

Congratulations, Great Girls Of OLASS!

Nene, Shade and Evi

For Women Around The World!

A piece of art by Gbenga Orimoloye, in appreciation of women in their economic pursuit

To every woman out there, I salute you! It feels great to be a woman, and one with a good  purpose for humanity. 

Paternity Swindle #3: How Come My Father Is Different?

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I am the third of a family of five and have enjoyed being the only daughter for 24 years.  People have often said that I looked very much like my mother, but the only disturbing difference is that I am very light-skinned unlike my parents and my brothers.

Loners are losers!

We may not really be perfect especially in our relationships with people, but we can learn how to be good to people and not fuss over every little thing.

Mairo’s Splash Of Luxury Graffiti On Jara Tv!

Mairo at work


The art of graffiti is regarded as the burst of creativity used by artists for diverse expressions. As much as Mairo Ozah (Artist) is closely identified with architecture as his discipline, so is his love and bond with the arts!  As a participating artist in the British Council WAPI (Words and Pictures) some years back, his entry works under the name ‘ALIEN DNA’ remained outstanding.