How I choose To Love!

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Ehen! The world says it has set aside this ‘one day’ only for people to express love to their loved ones. I ask, if one day (St. Valentine's Day) is set aside for showing love, what happens on the rest of the days in the year?
I am very much with this generation even if I sound very ‘old school’. But I think events that have shown face like never before demand that we love more and sincerely every day!

Talking about who to love? My Bible tells me to follow everyone with a loving heart! I enjoin you to try it and see that it is possible. If love underlines everything we do with people, then our world will be a better place for us all.

For those I choose to love? I cherish a very strong bond of love for my family; my heart can’t leave those children who by no fault of theirs, find themselves in the various orphanages across the globe; for the aged and weak who have been abandoned in different old peoples home, my love remains strong; for everyday people I come in contact with, I treat them with respect and a godly love that would not permit me to hate, let alone cause harm to them.

How I express love to these people? I play my role at every point as is demanded. I can’t possibly boast of perfection since I live in a human society, but I’ve always made conscious efforts to leave ‘something good to remember’ in the hearts of people I come in contact with.