How Long It Takes To Dress Up

It is believed that men spend very short time to dress up. For the women, wow! Some women are described as having to spend as long as an hour or more just to dress up. Whatever the excuses are, it has become habitual with some people who now find it difficult to make a change.
Picture source: NairaLand.

Many husbands, including those who profess so much love for their wives, have had to at one time or the other, get annoyed or disappointed with their wives for spending so much time trying to dress-up for an occasion.

While some women would naturally take their time to get prepared for an outing, some who may be time-conscious actually get delayed if they have to tie a gele (women’s headgear) or wear their make-up properly.

While some husbands have decided not to nag any longer about the time their wives spend on dressing-up, they have resorted to ensuring that the women begin to get dressed for at least 30 minutes to an hour before they would go for bath. For some women it is good idea, but some others think that the men are merely exaggerating.

In summary however;

There’s a general view that a lot of women ‘waste’ time trying to create attention for everything they put on.
Some may be done with dressing up, but end up spending hours battling with their gele.
Some women get so annoying with the dressing-up issue that their husbands leave them behind for occasions, yet they never change from that habit.
Some men have had to call off attending events when they consider that so much time has been wasted by their wife’s dressing time.
 Some people think that there shouldn’t be a fuss over the matter because women can learn to begin dressing up earlier or they waste all the time and meet up the event much later.
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