My Most Memorable Book!

                       Chike  And The River,  by Chinua Achebe 

Iquo Eke is a performance poet who enjoys promoting her native Ibibio culture through the spoken language. Although she is a graduate of Industrial Relations and Human Resource Management, she has done so much as a folklore poet and writer.

The Crucifixion of Abada!

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Women and fashion; whichever way you look at it, they certainly share a bond. The latest in African designs made with Ankara fabrics have touched the pride of good old Abada material (also called Hollandaise), which was used as wrapper; the once highly-placed fabric made in Holland.

How Long It Takes To Dress Up

It is believed that men spend very short time to dress up. For the women, wow! Some women are described as having to spend as long as an hour or more just to dress up. Whatever the excuses are, it has become habitual with some people who now find it difficult to make a change.
Picture source: NairaLand.

Many husbands, including those who profess so much love for their wives, have had to at one time or the other, get annoyed or disappointed with their wives for spending so much time trying to dress-up for an occasion.

Must An Only Child Be Indulged?

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Mothers! The milk of love running in their veins makes them want to do everything possible to ensure that their children are fine. But then, would a mother plan to raise a naughty child or would she desire to have a child that would make her proud in future?

Begging for Charity: Who Benefits From The Proceeds?

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Over the weekend, we went to drop off a family member at the Murtala muhammed International Airport. While we were taking down the luggage before the car would leave for the parking lot,   I wasn’t surprised to see two ladies begging under the guise of ‘voluntary service for charity’, because it’s common sight in Lagos. 

Owambe, Aso-Ebi and the Politics of dress


Jide Alakija’s quest to document a trend in Nigeria’s culture which is fast becoming a heritage, made him explore the creative curve of his practice in commercial photography.

Super Story's 'Suara' talks on his love for drumming before acting!

Suara( Adeyemi Lawrence)

Anyone who watched one of Nigeria's most captivating soaps on television, Super Story, 2002,  would conclude that  the lead character Suara ( Born Adeyemi Lawrence) would talk so much about acting before any other area of the arts. But that was not the case when I had a discussion with him.

It’s Hurting More To Be A Child Today

    Patrick, paraded  by the Lagos Police Command for the kidnapping 
 and murder of  a seven year-old boy.

Ordinarily, the things people experience  while growing up, impact on them through stages in life. Children should have experiences that would give them good memories; as this could help them grow up as better people.

Show Me A Perfect Spouse

People dream big of the ‘perfect’ person they want to get married to.  Even when during courtship they see some shortcomings in the person, they carry on with the hope of ‘changing’ the person to adopting the ideal attitude to things when they get married.

Hello, Where Are You?

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 Spouses, parents, friends, business partners and several others generally ask the simple question ‘Where are you?’ when talking to loved ones or business partners over the phone.

This Beggar Has A Choice!

My encounter with a beggar at a busy motor-park in Lagos made me conclude that the saying "a beggar has no choice" was not entirely true!

Ten Cities: Mark Of New Dawn In Public Spheres And Club Cultures !

 Goethe Institut Kenya is making the city of Lagos rock at the Freedom Park, Broad Street today, as it draws from across 10 cities traversing Africa and Europe, a total of 20 musicians, 23 authors, 10 radio journalists, 10 photographers and one artists’ group to showcase club cultures as it is experienced in their environment.

Paternity Swindle (#2): So I was Only A Foster Dad To ‘My Daughters’ (True-Life)!

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After publishing the first issue concerning paternity controversy,read here, I got a collection of seven related reports. Rather than share it as a diary, I decided to share each one at a time so that I will not have to take out any important information from these real-life  bitter experiences that the victims want other people to learn from.

Come Away; Poverty's Catching (By Jumoke Verissimo)

Writing is a part of Jumoke Verissimo, not just because of her  academic background in Language and Arts, but more  because of a passion she developed over time.

Visually-impaired Fulbright Scholar sees wealth in Highlife Music And The African Identity

Dr. Richard Smith, Fulbright Scholar and Music Lecturer

Dr. Richard Smith is a Fulbright scholar and lectures in the music department of the United Nations University in New York, United States of America. Teaching inter-disciplinary arts and cross-cultural education, he has carried out advanced research works as he takes students in African classical music. 

Modern Day School of Art Promotes Professionalism and Entrepreneurial Growth in Arts

For purposes of a more professional approach and wider opportunities for commerce in the practice of arts in Nigeria, the Modern Day School of Art has packaged a new creative learning curriculum as a finishing touch in the study of arts.

Paternity Swindle: Having Another Father After 30years? (True- life Story)

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 As I share this experience, my heart is so blank. I don’t know if I should consider it the handiwork of destiny, or if it is just wickedness from my mother. Whatever it is, this is the ‘hot spot’ I find myself now and I am considering several decisions to take.