The Trouble With Weekend Wives and Weekend Husbands

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At exactly 3.50pm, Onoseh starting clearing up her table. She did everything simultaneously; shutting down her computer, arranging her files back on the shelf, putting away her water flask and handing over her office key to Antonia who shared a space in the office with her.
 “Please, I must get to the Airport before 5p.m to pick my husband. The flight  from Abuja  should arrival at 4.30p.m and I wouldn’t want to keep him waiting for too long. Kindly understand with me,” she pleaded.

“Just drop it on that table as usual”, Antonia replied without bothering to raise her head up from what she was doing, “ by now I should be getting used to it that  your Fridays of even some Thursdays as the case may be, are not 100 per cent for us here.”

That did not worry Onoseh anyway, as she picked her bag and made for the door. “See you on Monday”, she said. But just before she shut the door after her, Antonia gave her one for the road. “My greetings to your weekend hubby ”, she said laughing out loud.

Onoseh’s is just one out of so many couples who live apart due to job demands.  The challenge of getting a good-paying job and sustaining it has made many a couple to relocate to towns other than places where the family made out to stay.  

When situations as this happen, the spouse who has the good-paying job is forced to go and start off a new life, with hopes that the other partner would also relocate with time. But has it always been so?

Different experiences have shown that  many of such couples end up living apart owing to  countless excuses; some say they have settled in the first town and would not want to move; some others  may not want to move with their spouses because of their children’s schools; while  for some, the complaint is about the high cost of living  in the new place.

The last decade saw a lot of such situation as couples living apart due to job demands in places like Lagos and Port-Harcourt grew. This development cuts across males and females, depending on the person who got the passport to greener pastures.  

While jobs took some husbands or wives to Abuja or Port-Harcourt, others found their ways to Lagos or Abuja from Port-Harcourt.  There was also relocation to other towns. They serviced their relationship via the mobile phone, and in cases where the networks decided to fail, so be it.

Of course, we all know that this turn has not been the best for marriages. While some planned their visits for every weekend, others only get to see their spouses on a monthly basis. 

Spouses have paid impromptu visits only to find their wives or husbands in messy relationships.  While some accept the weaknesses of their spouses, others have simply walked out.

In my opinion, if a spouse must relocate to another city for reason of better job, then the other spouse should be ready to move over shortly after. 

This is important because  a couple should be together to support each other emotionally just as financially. This decision will help their relationship.  What do you think?