CCA Brings Kelani's Àsìkò On Stage

One of Kelani's works

The Centre for Contemporary Art, Lagos will present a third solo exhibition by Kelani Abass, titled ‘Àsìkò: Evoking Personal Narratives and Collective History’ from October 26 to December 21.
In this body of new works, the artist explores the possibilities inherent in painting, photography and printing, strategies already suggested in his 2009 solo exhibition titled ‘Man and Machine’. In ‘Àsìkò’, he highlights personal stories against the background of social and political events built around three interrelated bodies of work, which also engages time and memory.

The Power of Choice!

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Our choices in life help to shape us into what we are. These choices tell who we are and the things we hold high in value. Choices we make cut across the food we eat, the relationships we keep, the places we want to be and several other things about us.

Cancer Care: Essential Things You Must Do To Your Breast

L-R: Breast Cancer Survivor, Omolare Cookey, her mother and her daughter at the Child Survival and Development Organisation of Nigeria(CS-DON) Cancer Awareness Walk in Lagos recently.

ARAISM: Africa Portrayed As They Know It!

'BK' by Onifade


                                                                       'Kiko Ni Mimo' by  Phillips

The beautiful continent of Africa has experienced many evolutions in diverse areas. But it has also carried with it a sense of originality that continues to keep her identity.

In Nigeria, artistry cuts across different art genres and many artists have made a crest of the beauty and relevance of their works in the heart of African history.

Developing the painting technique called Araism, artist, Mufu Onifade, has expressed his own original craft in the art, which has a unique feature that makes the works appear as bits that have been carefully pieced together.   

Since the establishment and formal launch of Araism by Onifade in 2006, he has groomed a number of young, vibrant artists who have continued to make Nigeria proud with the quality of their original works.

 At the 11th edition of exhibition of works in the Araism fold that took place recently at Mydrim Gallery in Ikoyi, the body of works put together by a group of artists headed by Onifade was rich, historic and could pass for a collector’s delight anyway.
                                                                  'Bata Igbalode'

From start to finish, Araism tells the story of Africa in diverse settings. With Onifade’s bold and life-sized painting of master artist, Bola Kujore,  the African spirit of giving honour to whom it is due, comes alive.

“ Africans are in the best position to tell their story as it should be told,” Onifade says, “ and the art of painting what we see and experience around us is just one wonderful way to do so.”
                                                      'Ona kan O woja' by Amodu

In Onifade’s collection are other works like ‘Adamu Orisa’( the pride of Eyo masquerade) and ‘Alajobi’(Ancestral lineage) that depict cultural beliefs, festivities and heritage. 

Works by one of the younger artists, Dotun Popoola  are chic with a fine blend of  colours on metalwork. Some of the works; ‘Bata Igbalode’ and ‘Oba Eye’ are like a reflection of the commitment to keep an African identity in spite of the cultural juxtaposition.