‘Author’s Talk' at Goethe Institut, Lagos


The author's, during the book-reading session

The audience

The question and answer session

On Saturday June20, 2013, some authors gathered in Goethe Institut, Lagos. It was not a time to write, but a time to talk!
This edition, a third in the series, featured Iquo Eke, Tracy Osokolo, Abubakar Adam Ibrahim and Falowo Damilare and Adebayo Rayo moderated the session.
Goethe Institut created the ‘Author’s Talk’ to provide a platform for emerging writers to present and discuss their works to an audience of publishers, journalists and art lovers.
It was an afternoon of book reading, creative reviews and engaging question and answer session.

Etisalat Excite Customers With Mercedes Benz SUV, Cash Prizes, In Etisalat/Barcelona promo!

Director, Consumer Segment, Etisalat Nigeria, Oluwole Rawa (left) and Director, Retail Sales, Etisalat Nigeria, Charles Ogunwuyi (right) presenting a brand new Mercedes Benz SUV to the first monthly draw winner of the ongoing Etisalat/FC Barcelona Promo, Stephen Ubah from Imo State, during the first monthly prize presentations held at the Etisalat Nigeria office in Ikoyi on Thursday, 25th July, 2013

 Charles Ogunwuyi (left) and  Oluwole Rawa (right)  presenting the keys to a brand new Mercedes Benz SUV to the first monthly draw winner of the ongoing Etisalat/FC Barcelona Promo, Stephen Ubah from Imo State,  at the Etisalat Nigeria office in Ikoyi on Thursday, 25th July, 2013

Director, Retail Sales, Etisalat Nigeria, Charles Ogunwuyi (left) and Head, Events and Sponsorship, Etisalat Nigeria, Modupe Thani (right) presenting a N500,000 cheque to Fagbile Ibikunle,one of the five daily draw winners, in the ongoing Etisalat/FC Barcelona Promo,  during the first monthly prize presentations held at the Etisalat Nigeria office in Ikoyi on Thursday, 25th July, 2013

L - R: Head, Sales and Distribution, Oluwatosin Olulana; Head, Events and Sponsorship, Modupe Thani; Director, Consumer Segment, Oluwole Rawa and Director, Retail Sales, Charles Ogunwuyi, all of Etisalat Nigeria at the first monthly prize presentations of the ongoing Etisalat/FC Barcelona Promo, held at the Etisalat Nigeria office in Ikoyi on Thursday, 25th July, 2013.

Customers have started winning big in Etisalat/FC Barcelona Promotion which kicked off on June 17, 2013.
Amidst cheers and excitement, the fist lucky winner of a Mercedes Benz SUV in the monthly draw category, as well as five other winners of the daily draws for N500, 000 prize was presented with his prize on Thursday at the Etisalat office in Ikoyi Lagos.

The car winner, 26-year-old Ubah Steven, an auto mechanic who hails from Imo State, but lives and works in Nasarawa State, shared his experience of how he won.

“I became very interested in the Etisalat promo because they always treat their customers well. So I started making my entries until I got about 300 points.

“When I received the call that I have won, I was in shock. When I received the call a second time, I knew it was real but I was still shocked to be named the winner of the car,” he said.

On the daily draws category, five lucky winners including 78-year-old Ibikunle Fagbile, Dandy Odionye, Kingdom Olukutu, Edafe Yarhere and Chinakwe Nikki smiled home with a N500, 000 (five hundred thousand naira) cash prize each.

Speaking on the promo, the Director, Consumer Segment, Etisalat Nigeria, Mr Oluwole Rawa, said that the promo was meant to appreciate their customers as designed in three categories including; the daily draws, the monthly draws and a grand finale draw.

Rawa describes the 2013 promo as bigger than that of 2012 because 180 customers will win cash prizes against the 90 winners in 2012. And while Range Rovers were given to the car winners in 2012, three lucky winners will become proud owners of Mercedes Benz cars each in the 2013 on-going promo.

For the category that will take winners to Barcelona, Rawa says Etisalat is alive to its promise to have 10 lucky customers enjoy the trip prize.

``For this promo, 180 lucky customers will go home with N500, 000 each; and 10 other lucky customers will go to Barcelona, besides the winners of the cars.”

When Will Women Have Pastimes?

                                                  Source: essence.com

Sometime ago, a performance artist, Wura-Natasha, shared a little concern of hers with me about women not really having pastimes. I said to her that I did not totally agree with her little concern, because I thought women could create pastimes for themselves if they wanted to.

 Until lately, I carried on with the feeling that women had their own pastimes even though it may not be as much as the men enjoyed.

I began to have a rethink concerning the ‘seemingly harmless’ issue when a second woman, Ify, raised the same concern. Ify told me she needed to share the thought with me because she wanted to know if she was being un-African or simply unwomanly!

Like Wura-Natasha, Ify  said she had observed it even as a growing girl, that her brothers had ‘the grace’ to enjoy watching their favourite game of football laced with endless excitements and arguments, totally about the game.

From the points both women raised at different times, men enjoyed their pastimes discussing issues of personal interests without interferences. But for the women, it is a different ballgame.

Wura-Natasha actually got me to realise that even when women thought they were alone and away from home, they actually ‘stray back’ to the home concerns than just relax among themselves.

For every discussion, they remember something about the children or the husbands. The women can’t relax without remembering that something needs to be fixed at home. They must continually make adjustments to accommodate new plans thrown at them either by the children, the husband or some family member.

After all, I decided to keep ‘A Woman’s Concern’ diary, which I hope to share soon.  Everywhere I went the results showed similar patterns and I agreed with Wura-Natasha and Ify on just how difficult or impossible it could be for women to have real pastimes.


Late Prof Achebe

Literary Icon, Late Prof Chinua Achebe will be honoured posthumously by Moet and Chandon on July 18, 2013 at the Freedom Park Gallery on Broad Street, Lagos.

The luxury brand says the event which is titled ‘A Toast to an Extraordinary Life- Chinua Achebe’ will be in recognition of Achebe’s outstanding contributions to the development of African Literature, especially the prose genre.

The event, billed to begin at 6pm, promises to be an evening of readings, reminiscences, tributes, music and quality champagne.

The brand says distinguished personalities from the academia, the private sector, Literary world and all walks of life will come together to make  the evening a memorable one.

Reservations can be made through an e-mail to: dennis@rb-pr.com or call: 08063536398, 08141283030 .

Joseph Eze: His Art And 'Slippers' Identity

Eze's  self-portrait titled 'Adam's Apple'
The beautiful thing about professionalism by artists is when they cave a distinct identity for themselves.  Prominently, Joseph Eze has created that niche for himself over the decade, working exuberantly with slippers of different shades of colours.

In his latest collection of works, the artist danced round diverse stories under his solo exhibition titled: ‘Head to Toe: Re-interpreting slippers’.

The different  works featured at the exhibition showed how  Eze explored  issues of  underlying interests that drive people to do things; the importance of self-motivation and staying focussed;  hope for renewal;  needless search for satisfaction; and interestingly, how man  perceives what he has and sees daily. As a matter of fact, I consider Eze’s new collection as a journey through spheres of life and doing so not in a hurry.

The piece of work titled ‘With Strings Attached’ is a mixed-media which bears the artist’s identity of working with slippers.  The power of creativity is seen as strings from slippers are beautifully used as decorative pieces on large portions of plaited hair.
                                                                'With Strings Attached'

Eze explains that  interestingly and factually, everything in life is done with ‘strings attached’ to them; couples stay together for their common interest;  even when parents give gifts to their children; when people engage in any form of work, and many other examples. 

I admire his depth of thought in the self-portrait title ‘Adam’s Apple’.  Tied with a thin string that is secured with the teeth, the apple appears to be so close to the mouth, but it requires some effort to bring it to where it can be eaten for satisfaction.  The artist says the apple represents the desire for good things, but that it can only be achieved through concerted efforts and persistence.