Amazing World Of A Three-Year-Old Nigerian Child (A Photo Exhibition)

Onafujiri taking a photograph of one of his sisters

Master Onafujiri  Remet is just three years old, and come June 8, 2013, he will be exhibiting the best of his photography  collection to the world at Terra Kulture  on Victoria Island, Lagos.

He is healthy-looking, happy and brilliant. He plays around with his siblings like any child his age will do, yet, he has succeeded in attracting the world’s attention through photography, to the beauty of his ‘child’s world’.

His age is far from being reflected in what he is doing at the present with the camera lens. Click! click! click! goes  Onafujiri’s camera as he captures exciting moments everywhere. And his passion for photography has qualified his family to pass for an ‘Art House’.

For those who have been following the arts in Nigeria, it could be recalled that the Remet sisters, Onatteni and Onarietta, older siblings to this young photographer, made their marks in painting at the tender ages of 14 and 18 months respectively.

The Remet sisters drove their passion to award-winning points; they held exhibitions of their colourful collections that earned them places of recognition through diverse media across the world.
                                         One of the photographs in Onafujiri's collection

For Onafujiri,  photo shooting started at age 2, and he has since been enjoying expressing his passion around the busy city of Lagos.

The proud parents of the Remet children are Pius and Lilian Remet, who are both professional artists. According to Pius Remet, their understanding of helping children identify and develop their God-given talents remains a driving force for them.

Pius Remet believes that the much-desired change in society should begin with sowing value into the lives of young children by helping them learn how to engage in creative things.

He said, “Society can only achieve its corporate dream from the quality of people it has and this starts with the value that we are able to create in our children.”

The Remets also want other parents to be inspired to give early parental attention to their children. They believe that many talents in children have died over time because the parents did not give quality time to help the children develop such talents.


RUN FOR THE CURE: A Charity Of Hope For Cancer Management

Mrs  Duke

The Child Survival and Development Organisation of Nigeria (CS-DON), is bringing hope to people living with cancer through its ‘RUN FOR THE CURE’ programme, with the aim of giving all funds generated to the needy for cancer medication.

Initiated by Mrs Onari Duke, former first lady of Cross River State, the 7KM Charity Walk, which is in its sixth edition, will take place on June 15, 2013 with particular focus on giving medical support to 20 children living with cancer, besides other indigent patients with different cancer cases.

The organisation plans to create awareness for breast, cervical and childhood cancer with the RUN, which will take-off   by 7.30 am from the Muir Okunola Park, off  Ozumba  Mbadiwe Street, Victoria Island.

Participants of The RUN will go from the take-off point to the Bar Beach along the Ahmadu Bello way and back to Muri Okunola Park.

Mrs Duke said that the CS-DON considered the care for children living with cancer as very critical, bearing in mind the rate of growth of cancers in children.

She said, “We take the support for these children very importantly, so treatment is initiated immediately.

“It is very important that all parents be aware because cancers in children present symptoms like it does in fevers, therefore leaving the children at greater   danger of likely delay. “

She noted that 90 per cent of deaths from cancer could be prevented if they were detected early.

“We advocate early detection as core for management of cancer; be they in children or in adults, such as breast or cervical cancer,” she said.

Considerations For Giving A Gift


People give gifts for different reasons; either to show love or appreciation. When people celebrate for different reasons too, they receive gifts. While some people don’t worry about the kinds of gifts they give or receive, others feel quite concerned about what they give out as gifts or what they receive.

In the course of a discussion with a friend and a cousin who just received a gift, an argument ensued that people earned the kind of gifts that they received. It was also said that the gifts that some people give indicate the value that they attach to the person they are sending the gift to, but I had thought otherwise until this discussion arose.

 I had always thought that a gift was something you received out of the giver’s free will and not necessarily being a reward for something that you may have done.

Following the Webster’s New World dictionary definition of a gift as “something that a person gives because of friendship, thanks, or love or for some other reasons,” I decided to have a rethink about the qualifications for a gift!

Ordinarily, I would give a gift based on the occasion being celebrated, what I can afford and what would be pleasing to the receiver. But one of the two ladies I was discussing with did not think so.

It was her birthday and a male  admirer had sent her an expensive perfume and she thought that he was being ‘mischievous’ with the value of the gift. She believed that her admirer got her the gift as a bait to get her attention.

While my friend thought that it was not out of context for a young man to send a lady he admires such an expensive gift, the receiver of the gift thought that such gifts were only deceitful, because once the purpose for such gifts are achieved, that is goodbye to it!

Considering that a young mom received a gift of plastic bowl during the naming ceremony of her new baby, she felt very offended. She said the gift had no value and showed that the giver did not have regards for her.

Bringing the two different situations as reference points, it becomes inherent that people give gifts based on more personal reasons than others may know.

We didn’t mean to take it too seriously, but for purposes of checking some facts, we tried looking at some gifts we had received and those that we had given. Sure, many times, the gifts were valued based on how closely attached a person was to the receiver.
Which of  these do you consider in giving a gift?
Social status of the receiver
The level of  your relationship
Just to show appreciation
To serve as an inducement
To celebrate with the person.

The Wedding-List Treaty!


At the family meeting holding in Susan’s parents’ house, the elders had already given up on the issue of the day. But if every other person was tired, Susan’s father was not. He insisted on getting everything on the request-list met.

As long as he was concerned, if Susan has stayed unmarried all these years, then she must not be given out ‘cheaply’ in marriage. He remains the father of the bride and must enjoy full benefits for his God-given-position.

Susan is 39 years old and single. Besides her bag of degrees and varied trainings, she has good looks and puts up a likable mien among her friends. She hadn’t complained about being single; she may have been choosy, waiting for a man of her choice, but that was entirely her business.

For Susan’s father, the intending groom must buy him a Power- bike; one that he had always dreamed of, build a family-size house for him to upgrade his status from a tenant to a house-owner. He said he hadn’t asked for too much, because he already had the piece of land!

While the family meeting continued, Susan’s father said that having been prevailed upon by members of his family, he didn’t mind waving ‘the rest things’ on the list, but the first two items must be provided or else he was not going to give Susan out for marriage.

Again, he thought that since his family wanted him to let go of the building request, then they should also yank off some of their own items meant for members of the family.  He concluded that the family was  somewhat more ‘greedy’ than himself,

 because he was the first and ‘original owner’  of the ‘commodity! Oops, ‘daughter’.

Susan’s case is just one out of so many. It is disturbing that some parents would want to exchange their daughters like a common commodity for material wealth.

There is no doubt that an intending groom should honour the parents and family of his proposed bride, but it becomes embarrassingly sad when outrageous price-tags are placed on the lady.

How would you rather handle this issue of ‘family-demand- list’, as a bride or groom to- be?





For Every Plan ‘A’ Get Ready A Plan ‘B’ too!



My recent experience on a ‘short programme’ has further exposed me to the fact that we may not necessarily have things work out the way we desire them. It may just happen that after developing a good plan and putting a good work strategy in place to execute the plan, things still work in the opposite way.

Having worked as a volunteer teacher at some point, I loved the feeling of giving a helping hand to people and seeing how well their lives were positively impacted. After that experience, I continued to look out for programmes that could give me such opportunities. Even when I had not taken up such task again for a long time, I considered giving in a short time to volunteering when a need arose.

I felt it was a good idea after all. But beyond my calculations, the first week passed by very quickly. ‘It wasn’t bad to give in a second week,’ I had thought. By the end of the third week, I woke up to the reality that time was never a friend, and that it was never patient enough to wait.

I struggled with arrangements to push an earlier scheduled assignment forward, but it was challenging because all what I was doing was happening in a different city. For everyone who could even help out, they complained about not having been told ahead of that time.

I knew that it wasn’t time for the blame game, so I had to let something go for the other to survive. The experience was not about the theories that are read from books, it was real with me.

I thought of the other plan that I should have put in place, but of course, the workability would only be tested on a next time!
With all said and experienced, I enjoyed an opportunity to listen to a very seasoned Business Management speaker and of everything that he shared, I was glad he talked about having ‘options’. Sure, he said that people who did anything based on limited options, ended up being more rustrated.
It feels great to be back and I must say that I missed you all!