All It Takes To Fix Shattered Emotions


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Experiencing happiness is worth so much, and nobody in their right minds would desire to have sad times for whatever reason. But truth is that ‘low moments’ creep in sometimes from situation beyond control, leaving people with a feeling of devastation.

It becomes very dangerous to the health to merely ‘wish away’ devastation, when actually there should be an activity to help ‘heal’ the pains. In some cases when people decide not to seek help to get out of an emotional challenge, they subconsciously indulge in eating junk foods or take to alcohol consumption that could further cause degeneration to their health.

In trying to get help however, it is important to note that whatever may have caused the emotional challenge, help often come from talking to people who show care and concern. For someone passing through ‘low moments’ due to a relationship break-up, help could be sort from a friend who probably knew both parties together, or  from a friend who had experienced something similar and was able to get out of the situation by interacting with other people. A conscious effort must be made to ‘select’ who among your friends to talk to, because a friend who did not get it right after such problem would certainly not give any better advice.
For those who find themselves facing ‘low moments’ due to the loss of a loved one, it is advisable for them to seek the company of friends who could get them engaged especially in out-door activities, to help put the situation behind fast. For some others, getting help could mean a change of location and engaging with a friend who could brighten your moments together.
From people's experiences, it has shown that nothing much may be done when friends come in and remain with you. But so much healing takes place when a friend takes you out either window-shopping, seeing a movie or relaxing at a public garden or by the beach.

I simply discovered how difficult it could get when faced with a real-life situation that challenges our emotions when a loved one departs this world. When my brother-in-law passed away on February 14, I suddenly felt empty seeing how devastating the loss was to my husband.Though I had given my husband every support to bear the loss, I just noticed that I could not do anything meaningful with my time. I was withdrawn and couldn’t write, couldn’t eat but resorted to recalling how sad that day was. In the course of the week, I slept for very long hours until a friend came to my rescue.

My friend talked to me about a number of interesting art workshops and exhibitions that are coming up, and gave me good reasons to make some new collections of pieces of artworks.  I think I really got excited about the upcoming exhibition of one of my favourite female artists who will be showcasing her latest collection by the second week in March.
I know now, more than ever before, that life is richer with good people around you.

For Loved Ones, Goodbye-Blues Are Better Than Silence! (By Obaro)

A picture of Oroh when he was  a little boy

Gone But Not Forgotten: my loving brother, Oroh Orivri

For those we love, we always want to be with all the time. But at some point, a natural need arises for us to be away from each other, and people often find it difficult to say a simple ‘goodbye.’

While separation for a short while is hard, the comforting factor is that the person is only going to be away for some time; probably for a year of two in school or work, and better if it’s only a short holiday somewhere, and tougher when it’s a journey forever!

Memories are powerful; they replay in our mind’s eyes, giving us something to keep and feel, and actually better than emptiness.

I remember how challenging the evening of February 14th was.  A call came in that a loved one was down with fever at the hospital and that he wasn’t getting any better. We embarked on a trip that took us round and about, and finally helpless! I felt the frustration of talking to a loved one who would not respond even though you sat so close and spoke the best of words. I felt the power of love that wouldn’t let go of a loved one, yet, ‘the sleep’ was sweet; certainly not for the rest of ‘us’, but for him. He wouldn’t want to be disturbed at this time. His right hand, carefully placed across his broad chest, was like a guard. I stole several looks and muttered several wishes as the driving continued.
Finally, he was to make a stop-over for some time before the final lap of the journey. I felt a rush from my heart to my eyes. I waved and said goodbye, but he failed to respond because it was late and he was hurrying to go and rest--- for a lifetime!


Eko Photo Open Exhibition Shows It All: History, Elegance And Culture!

When the photography art exhibition held its closing ceremony at the Ember Creek, Awolowo Road, Ikoyi  venue on January 20, 2013, 22 photographers dotted the large space with over a 100 pieces of different photographic works.

How I choose To Love!

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Ehen! The world says it has set aside this ‘one day’ only for people to express love to their loved ones. I ask, if one day (St. Valentine's Day) is set aside for showing love, what happens on the rest of the days in the year? I am very much with this generation even if I sound very ‘old school’. But I think events that have shown face like never before demand that we love more and sincerely every day!

Some health workers had to die vaccinating children against polio in Kano

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Living up to its responsibility in child healthcare, the Federal Ministry of Health continued a new round of vaccination against polio for children aged 0-5years across Nigeria. Prior to the take-off date, awareness was created to inform parents, especially mothers, about the vaccination programme. It was meant for the better health of the children.

Flee Baby Eagles, Flee When You See A Super Eagle!

The Super Eagles celebrating victory                       Picture Source.
Earlier on Sunday, before the match took place between the Super Eagles of Nigeria and the Elephants of Cote D’Ivoire, Emmanuel Eboue boasted of how his team would roast the Nigerian team like chickens, but too bad for him, and very good for Nigeria, the Super Eagles took the shine of the match by pounding the elephants 2 goals to 1!  

Loud women On Rom’s Quiet Spaces!

'Habits and Rituals' by Rom

From Rom Isichie’s ‘Quite Spaces’, the works that make up the exuberant collection are not quiet after all. They are loud, bold and beautiful in all spheres as they rush before the eyes of admirers.

The works say something unique about the artist; that he is a Lagos city dweller who has over the years observed with kin interest, a lifestyle of regular weekend parties that is common with the city dwellers.

Isichie has applied everything he has seen whenever these parties took place, to this colourful art piece. As is clearly seen, the women are gorgeously dressed, and they must clutch their handbags to themselves.

Expressing habits that have become like a ritual,  these women do not feel complete until they apply thick shades of make-ups. The lipstick colours are usually bright red with matching shades of paints for the cheeks and the eyes. Never mind, Isichie understands that these are labels that spice the blend.

The complete details cannot be hidden as the women have carefully made  hairstyles to match ; some wearing trendy wigs and others having on curls and dreadlocks. Their accessories are equally noticeable on their necks and wrists.

Quietly, but noticeable too, is a touch of envy; one thing that seems to find its way into the midst of women, especially at fun times. One of the ladies is seen with mouth agape as she looks at another in front of her. She appears to be well- dressed too, but she just may be imagining how someone else could be looking more beautiful. This work no doubt captures the best representation of women situations.

Created on three panels, there is an expression of confidence about what the artist is doing. Rather than opt for the choice of working on a large panel, the artist trusts his efforts enough that he would always create the desired sense of appreciation that is yearned for, even if they came in bits and pieces.


What Kathleen Chose To See In Africa!

Joseph Stafford; Nike Davies Okundaye and Kathleen Stafford


Kathleen Stafford is the wife of an American Consul-General, Joseph Stafford who served in Nigeria recently. While her husband served, Kathleen, a trained fine artist, took the opportunity to showcase some of her works at Nike Art Gallery, which she created during their residence in other African countries.

Her collection of art works showed that she had made a clear distinction in her pursuit of the art; her paintings and print-making are done with such  techniques as collograph and collagraph unlike the common lithograph and soft screen techniques used by a lot of artists. I must say that I also appreciate her works done with watercolour; they are very different from the regular watercolour products.
                                                           'Obioma', one of Kathleen's works in Nigeria

                                                      Women at a market in Abidjan
My particular interest about Kathleen’s works was that she expressed her observations of the people’s lifestyle in those countries where her husband had served.  I see through her work too, that she decided to see the beautiful sides of these African people as she lived among them. Kathleen has ensured an undiluted documentation of life in everywhere her husband goes for service.
                                                      'Three sisters' artwork of women in Abidjan

Her works of Cote D’Ivoire   were a choice selection showing how fashionable the women are; they take celebration ceremonies seriously, yet the women give in so much to commerce for development. Kathleen got fulfilment associating her art with those things.

While they were still in Nigeria, Kathleen took her time to observe lifestyles of different people, which she hopes to express through her works. But she couldn’t wait to express her fancy of the itinerant tailors who do mainly clothes mending for very meagre amounts, just to make a living.

Kathleen looked forward to start work on a new collection to reflect the bubbling social life style of the city of Lagos, not leaving out the splendour that makes Lagos unique.