Winners of 2013 Ships & Ports Essay Competition Emerge

L-R: Representative of the Nigerian Shippers Council, Mr.Ignatius Nweke; past winner of the Ships & Ports Essay Annual National Essay Competition, Peter Okparaocha; winner of this year's essay competition, Christopher Okeke; and Chief Executive Officer of Ships & Ports Communication Company; Mr. Bolaji Akinola, during the prize presentation ceremony held at UAC Training Centre, Apapa, recently.

A Woman’s Gift To Humanity! (Woman Daily™)

Woman Daily™ is our diary. Share your views and experiences on all issues.

Dr. Adebunmi Odiakosa

When Mrs Adebunmi Odiakosa, a medical doctor, decided on a charitable medical care for children with special needs, she thought that “Oh, I was going to do this for only five years,” but it did not turn out as she thought.

Nike’s Roundtable Talk: Promoting Africa’s Art and Cultural Heritage

Mrs Nike Okundaye, Founder, Nike Art and Cultural Foundation(fourth from left, sitting) and her husband, in a group photograph with discussants and guests; Mrs Opral Benson( second left, sitting) and Former American Ambassador to Nigeria, Robin Sanders.

MARAN Visits Atunda-Olu School For Children With Special Needs

President of MARAN, Mr Bolaji Akinola (in red tie) in a group photograph with  the students at Atunda-Olu School, Lagos, as part of  activities marking the association's 25th anniversary celebration.

Night Of Classical Bliss At ETISALAT, MUSON Music Festival

Professor Ulf Klausenitzer on the violin, Manami Sano on the piano & Maestro Thomas Kanitz on the Cello

Ayo Bankole Jnr. on the grand piano & MaestroThomas Kanitz on the Cello
Strings and keys brought together classical music lovers at the MUSON Classical Concert on recently when Etisalat Nigeria sponsored the exclusive event, as part of MUSON Music Festival, held at the MUSON Centre, Onikan, Lagos.
                                                              Ebi Atawodi & Brama Shagaya

                            Akintola Williams (OFR), Gboyega Banjo & Mathew Willsher

The 10-day annual Festival, which began on Oct. 17 also lit the Centre with jazz, drama and dance, coinciding with the Centre’s 30th anniversary on Oct. 25th.

Breath-taking performances were delivered by two guest artistes from Germany; Professor Ulf Klausenitzer on the violin and Ms. Manami Sano on the piano, who both performed alongside MUSON Artistic Director, Maestro Thomas Kanitz, on the Cello.

Olivet Bible Church Encourages Leadership, Youth Development

 Senior Pastor, Olivet Bible Church, Owen Nlekwuwa,

Owen Nlekwuwa  says building people is at the heart of true worship!

He is a senior pastor at the Olivet Bible Church in Festac Town, Lagos.  

Much as he loves the practice of architecture, a discipline in which he was trained, Nlekwuwa  believes that, “ the people must be built first before we worry about the physical structures.” But sure, as an architect, putting the worship tent in good shape never stops being his concern too!

In this regard, the Olivet Academy, initiated by him has been a life-transforming platform where people are groomed to become confident enough to start small businesses rather than wait for white-collar jobs that may never come.  “We have trained and encouraged the youths to plant a tree today (start a business) and nurture it.

Pastor Nlekwuwa’s  worries  are not far from the fact that in time past being  a college graduate guaranteed young people jobs. “Graduating from college is no longer a guarantee that you get a job and this is not what it used to be.”

For the purpose of a better future, Nlekwuwa advocates that every youth should be guided through a creative path even before graduation. He says, “The schooling period is actually a better time for the youth to learn the importance of owning a business before leaving the university.”

Considering the people-oriented structures that the Church has built over time, the pastor says there is so much to celebrate about at the church’s annual thanksgiving celebration which comes up on Dec. 8.

“We have seen so many victories and progress in lives of individuals. Indeed, hard grounds have been broken and we remain thankful to God.”

          He however wants churches under the Christian Association of Nigeria(CAN)   to do more of people- centred  programmes. “Besides protecting the interest of Christians, CAN  should also encourage the Churches to take keen interest in developing people, especially the youth.”  

            According to the pastor, for 2014, the emphasis would be to encourage people to look beyond self and emphasised the need for proper management of issues in the middle-east. “Any mismanagement of issues in the middle-east will trigger off problems,” he said.

            He is however hopeful that continuous advocacy will help re-orientate young people concerning job creation and a sustained economic empowerment.

           “Entrepreneurship is the way to go and the youth will benefit from that orientation than dreaming of roaming the streets in endless search for jobs.”

           Know more about the Olivet Bible Church through the link here



A Place for Contemporary Dance

Tosin, doing a performance
Street as Stage

Contemporary dance is fast gaining prominence in Lagos. Various groups like the one managed by art performer, Tosin, have been putting up public performances to gain more confidence from society.

Tosin’s recent public performance which held on Andrew and Tokunbo streets on the Lagos Island was a crowd-puller. Although it was meant as an experiment, its success showed how acceptable it had become among many young people.
The Monkey demonstration

Entertaining children

Tagged ‘Turn It Up’, the performances told many stories and taught several lessons. They covered themes of environmental protection and the need for conservation.

The animal-styled stunts were captivating, but they were used to tell the stories of ‘balance’ for the ecosystem.
Several performances have been presented on stage and for small audiences, but this time around, street became the stage!

Voyage Retour: Exhibition of Historic Photographs

A guest studying magazine clippings on display at the Voyage Retour.
Pa Ojeikhere signing his autograph for guests at the exhibition

Germany's Ambassador to Nigeria, Dorothee Janetzke-Wenzel, welcoming the audience to Voyage Retour in Lagos.


The large collection of photographic works is rich, full of history and ties between peoples.

Some show people doing things; engaged in some form of work, others captured people enjoying their fun times.

For young people who desire to see what the bubbling city of Lagos looked like as far back as the 1920s, this exhibition is a must-see!

The Voyage Retour, an exhibition of historic photographs by the Museum Folkwang, Essen, Germany, opened in Lagos on Nov. 17 and will run till Dec. 1.

It is the first time the museum is exhibiting part of its photography archive in Africa. It is holding at an easily-accessible location of the Federal Government Press built in 1896 under the British colonial rule on Broad Street, Lagos Island.

The exhibition features choice photographs from Folkwang’s collection by Rolf Gillhausen, Germaine Krull, Robert Lebeck, Malick Sidibe, Wolfgang Weber and renowned Nigerian photographer J.D Okhai Ojeikhere, including archive material of the Federal Ministry of Information, Nigeria.

The exhibition which is sponsored by the German Federal Foreign Office, explores cultural relations between Africa and Europe from the 1920s to 1970s.

Remembering Peter Areh

By Krydz Ikwuemesi
Painter, art critic and ethno-aesthetician;
Associate Professor, University of Nigeria,

An artistic impression of Areh

To mark the third annual lecture in memory of Peter Dubem Areh on Nov. 23 by 11 am at the Freedom Park, Lagos, Prince Yemisi Shyllon, humanist and modern Medici, will discusses the problems militating against the growth and development of art in Nigeria.

CCA Brings Kelani's Àsìkò On Stage

One of Kelani's works

The Centre for Contemporary Art, Lagos will present a third solo exhibition by Kelani Abass, titled ‘Àsìkò: Evoking Personal Narratives and Collective History’ from October 26 to December 21.
In this body of new works, the artist explores the possibilities inherent in painting, photography and printing, strategies already suggested in his 2009 solo exhibition titled ‘Man and Machine’. In ‘Àsìkò’, he highlights personal stories against the background of social and political events built around three interrelated bodies of work, which also engages time and memory.

The Power of Choice!

                          Picture source: Google images

Our choices in life help to shape us into what we are. These choices tell who we are and the things we hold high in value. Choices we make cut across the food we eat, the relationships we keep, the places we want to be and several other things about us.

Cancer Care: Essential Things You Must Do To Your Breast

L-R: Breast Cancer Survivor, Omolare Cookey, her mother and her daughter at the Child Survival and Development Organisation of Nigeria(CS-DON) Cancer Awareness Walk in Lagos recently.

ARAISM: Africa Portrayed As They Know It!

'BK' by Onifade


                                                                       'Kiko Ni Mimo' by  Phillips

The beautiful continent of Africa has experienced many evolutions in diverse areas. But it has also carried with it a sense of originality that continues to keep her identity.

In Nigeria, artistry cuts across different art genres and many artists have made a crest of the beauty and relevance of their works in the heart of African history.

Developing the painting technique called Araism, artist, Mufu Onifade, has expressed his own original craft in the art, which has a unique feature that makes the works appear as bits that have been carefully pieced together.   

Since the establishment and formal launch of Araism by Onifade in 2006, he has groomed a number of young, vibrant artists who have continued to make Nigeria proud with the quality of their original works.

 At the 11th edition of exhibition of works in the Araism fold that took place recently at Mydrim Gallery in Ikoyi, the body of works put together by a group of artists headed by Onifade was rich, historic and could pass for a collector’s delight anyway.
                                                                  'Bata Igbalode'

From start to finish, Araism tells the story of Africa in diverse settings. With Onifade’s bold and life-sized painting of master artist, Bola Kujore,  the African spirit of giving honour to whom it is due, comes alive.

“ Africans are in the best position to tell their story as it should be told,” Onifade says, “ and the art of painting what we see and experience around us is just one wonderful way to do so.”
                                                      'Ona kan O woja' by Amodu

In Onifade’s collection are other works like ‘Adamu Orisa’( the pride of Eyo masquerade) and ‘Alajobi’(Ancestral lineage) that depict cultural beliefs, festivities and heritage. 

Works by one of the younger artists, Dotun Popoola  are chic with a fine blend of  colours on metalwork. Some of the works; ‘Bata Igbalode’ and ‘Oba Eye’ are like a reflection of the commitment to keep an African identity in spite of the cultural juxtaposition. 

W-TEC To Establish Technology Club For Girls

L-R; Executive Director, W-TEC, Oreoluwa Somolu,; Marketing and PR Manager, Intel, Mr Adim Isiakpona; Winner of IPad prize, Miss Oyinloluwa Adepiti and her mother, during the graduation ceremony of W-TEC  Technology Camp programme in Lagos on August 24, 2013.

A Roaming Pregnant Teenager Tells Her Story (WOMAN DAILY™)

                    Photo Credit: Google Images

Woman Daily™ is our diary. Share your views and experiences on all issues.

A pregnant teenager approached me yesterday evening as I hurried down the road on Ogunlana Drive. She appeared shy as she virtually covered her face with her right hand. But the pain in her eyes explained why she summed up the courage to talk to me. “Mummy, please I need your help,” she said.

Etisalat Nigeria, WAAW Foundation Reward School Girls for Innovation


L - R: Specialist, Products and Services Division, Etisalat Nigeria, Doubrapade Koroye; Associate Professor of Physics and STEM Education, St. Catherine University, Minnesota, Dr. Kaye Smith; Founder, WAAW Foundation, Dr. Unoma Okorafor; Team Lead of Yellow Team and student of Airforce Secondary School, Adesola Adegeye, and STEM Camp Director, WAAW Foundation, Frances Van Sloun, at the WAAW Foundation Award Ceremony for science and technology project.

L - R: Doubrapade Koroye of Etisalat; Founder, WAAW Foundation, Dr. Unoma Okorafor; Team Lead of Blue Team and student of Princeton College, Joy Olufemi, and STEM Camp Director, WAAW Foundation, Frances Van Sloun, at the WAAW Foundation Award Ceremony for science and technology project .
Etisalat Nigeria supported the Working to Advance STEM Education for African Women (WAAW) Foundation on the occasion of its 2013 Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Camp for 30 high school girls aged between 13 and 17 years.

Titled ‘Robotics and Renewable Energy for Africa’, the workshop which took place on Aug. 03, at the Laureates College, Lagos,  was facilitated by some Nigerian and American women, and it allowed the girls to experience hands-on activities, tutorials and experiments.

The founder of WAAW Foundation, Dr. Unoma Okorafor, said the learning objective of the STEM camp was to ensure that girls thought of science and technology as tools that could help them solve real problems in their communities.

 “The focus is to encourage our girls to look around and use locally available materials for innovation”, she said.

The facilitators included a special education teacher from Honors Academy School in Texas, Ebele Agu; Associate Professor of Physics and STEM Education at St. Catherine University in Minnesota, Dr. Kaye Smith and Mechanical Engineer from St. Thomas University in Minnesota, Frances Van Sloun.

Odi Ogori Ba Uge: A Festival of Note

A representation of the Buffalo displayed in dances

 Odi Ogori Ba Uge is the biggest festival celebrated by Odi people of Kolokuma/Opokuma Local Government Area of Bayelsa State.
 Every year on July 27th, the community rolls out its drums for dances; its boats for regattas, and showcases several pageants to spice the festivities.

What You Need If Your Child Has Special Needs (Woman Daily™)

                                                                                          Photo: Google Images

Woman Daily™ is our diary. Share your views and experiences on all issues.

Caring for a child with special needs can be very demanding, especially when the child cannot express himself/herself by speaking. However challenging the demand may be, it is important and necessary to be patient, be encouraged by loved ones and remain hopeful for the best for such child.

Not A Second Experiment With Me! (Woman Daily™)

              Source: Google images
Woman Daily™ is our diary. Share your views and experiences on all issues.

Following a friend’s advice, I settled for what she considered a light but nutritious meal of moin-moin (locally-made steamed bean cake) with stewed snail for a visitor I was expecting.

Etisalat Launches 'Mobile Assistant' For Improved Business Life

L-R): Chief Executive Officer, Etisalat Nigeria, Steven Evans; Director, Business Segment, Etisalat Nigeria, Lucas Dada and Chief Finance Officer, Etisalat Nigeria, Andrew Kemp, during the Etisalat Mobile Assistant Press Conference, held at Four Points By Sheraton, Victoria Island, Lagos, on Thursday, August 1st.

Etisalat Excite Customers With Mercedes Benz SUV, Cash Prizes, In Etisalat/Barcelona promo!

Director, Consumer Segment, Etisalat Nigeria, Oluwole Rawa (left) and Director, Retail Sales, Etisalat Nigeria, Charles Ogunwuyi (right) presenting a brand new Mercedes Benz SUV to the first monthly draw winner of the ongoing Etisalat/FC Barcelona Promo, Stephen Ubah from Imo State, during the first monthly prize presentations held at the Etisalat Nigeria office in Ikoyi on Thursday, 25th July, 2013

 Charles Ogunwuyi (left) and  Oluwole Rawa (right)  presenting the keys to a brand new Mercedes Benz SUV to the first monthly draw winner of the ongoing Etisalat/FC Barcelona Promo, Stephen Ubah from Imo State,  at the Etisalat Nigeria office in Ikoyi on Thursday, 25th July, 2013

Director, Retail Sales, Etisalat Nigeria, Charles Ogunwuyi (left) and Head, Events and Sponsorship, Etisalat Nigeria, Modupe Thani (right) presenting a N500,000 cheque to Fagbile Ibikunle,one of the five daily draw winners, in the ongoing Etisalat/FC Barcelona Promo,  during the first monthly prize presentations held at the Etisalat Nigeria office in Ikoyi on Thursday, 25th July, 2013

L - R: Head, Sales and Distribution, Oluwatosin Olulana; Head, Events and Sponsorship, Modupe Thani; Director, Consumer Segment, Oluwole Rawa and Director, Retail Sales, Charles Ogunwuyi, all of Etisalat Nigeria at the first monthly prize presentations of the ongoing Etisalat/FC Barcelona Promo, held at the Etisalat Nigeria office in Ikoyi on Thursday, 25th July, 2013.

Customers have started winning big in Etisalat/FC Barcelona Promotion which kicked off on June 17, 2013.
Amidst cheers and excitement, the fist lucky winner of a Mercedes Benz SUV in the monthly draw category, as well as five other winners of the daily draws for N500, 000 prize was presented with his prize on Thursday at the Etisalat office in Ikoyi Lagos.

The car winner, 26-year-old Ubah Steven, an auto mechanic who hails from Imo State, but lives and works in Nasarawa State, shared his experience of how he won.

“I became very interested in the Etisalat promo because they always treat their customers well. So I started making my entries until I got about 300 points.

“When I received the call that I have won, I was in shock. When I received the call a second time, I knew it was real but I was still shocked to be named the winner of the car,” he said.

On the daily draws category, five lucky winners including 78-year-old Ibikunle Fagbile, Dandy Odionye, Kingdom Olukutu, Edafe Yarhere and Chinakwe Nikki smiled home with a N500, 000 (five hundred thousand naira) cash prize each.

Speaking on the promo, the Director, Consumer Segment, Etisalat Nigeria, Mr Oluwole Rawa, said that the promo was meant to appreciate their customers as designed in three categories including; the daily draws, the monthly draws and a grand finale draw.

Rawa describes the 2013 promo as bigger than that of 2012 because 180 customers will win cash prizes against the 90 winners in 2012. And while Range Rovers were given to the car winners in 2012, three lucky winners will become proud owners of Mercedes Benz cars each in the 2013 on-going promo.

For the category that will take winners to Barcelona, Rawa says Etisalat is alive to its promise to have 10 lucky customers enjoy the trip prize.

``For this promo, 180 lucky customers will go home with N500, 000 each; and 10 other lucky customers will go to Barcelona, besides the winners of the cars.”

When Will Women Have Pastimes?


Sometime ago, a performance artist, Wura-Natasha, shared a little concern of hers with me about women not really having pastimes. I said to her that I did not totally agree with her little concern, because I thought women could create pastimes for themselves if they wanted to.


Late Prof Achebe

Literary Icon, Late Prof Chinua Achebe will be honoured posthumously by Moet and Chandon on July 18, 2013 at the Freedom Park Gallery on Broad Street, Lagos.

Joseph Eze: His Art And 'Slippers' Identity

Eze's  self-portrait titled 'Adam's Apple'
The beautiful thing about professionalism by artists is when they cave a distinct identity for themselves.  Prominently, Joseph Eze has created that niche for himself over the decade, working exuberantly with slippers of different shades of colours.

Chris Doghudje Gives World-Class Training On Client Service Skills Development

Mr Chris Doghudje, a former Chairman of the Advertising Practitioners Council of Nigeria (APCON) and CEO, Zus Bureau Limited, Lagos, will on Thursday,  June 27, deliver lectures on client service skills enhancement at the Lagos Sheraton Hotel and Towers, Lagos, by 9 am.

No One Belongs Here More Than You: Three Perspectives To Behold!

Exhibition Installation view by Jude Anogwih

The recent work ‘ No one belongs here more than you,’ put together by  three Nigerian artists, Nnenna Okore,  Wura-Natasha Ogunji and Ruby Onyinyechi Amanze, was opened in an exhibition on June 15, at the Centre for Contemporary Art (CCA), Lagos and would be on till September 14, 2013.

SYNC: Best Business Strategy,Google Nigeria says!

L-R;Titi Akinsanmi, Google Policy Manager; Juliet Ehimuan-Chiazor, Google Nigeria Country Manager;Omobola Johnson, Honorable Minister of Communication Technology; Sean Lefluer, Director ,Google Sub Saharan Africa, at the event.

Google’s Share Your Nigerian Content (SYNC) was a key highlight at its 3-day conference that brought together entrepreneurs, content developers and journalists on June 4. The crux of SYNC was aimed at enabling content creators embrace the power of the web to grow locally- relevant content online and drive monetization.
Juliet Ehimuan-Chiazor, Country Manager, Google Nigeria, while giving the keynote at the event, said the sessions were held with a view to helping individuals from key communities to have better understanding of how to take advantage of the internet to boost content distribution. 
She said that, “the internet presents huge opportunities for Nigeria's creative and content production industry. We intend to work with this community as well as others to fully harness internet tools that have proven to be very successful across the world."
Lefluer and Ehimuan-Chiazor

 Launching the 'Impact of Internet' study on the first day of the conference examined how the  Internet  impact on, and contribute to, social and economic development in Nigeria. The launch event held at the Transcorp Hilton in Abuja where Omobola Johnson, Minister of Communication Technology, gave the keynote address.
‘Music Out of Africa’ was also an important highlight of the event. It was a first of its kind 12-hour online musical concert via Google+ Hangouts. The online concert hosted many top Nigerian musicians like Dr Sid, YemiAlade, Nosa, Pryse, Endia 48 and many others, and they enjoyed the opportunity to bond with their fans from across the world.

The Data Journalism training session for journalists at the Civic Centre, Lagos.

Taiwo Kola-Ogunlade, Communications and Public Affairs Manager, Anglophone West Africa, expressed satisfaction that Nigerian artistes could make use of the online opportunity to engage with their fans. He said, “We are excited to see our local artists engaging and socializing via Google+. The level of excitement generated is a further proof that there is a global community of Nigerian content consumers who are constantly looking for fresh and entertaining content online.
Kola-Ogunlade hoped that the session would further inspire Nigerian entertainers and content creators to create and share a lot more local content online.

Some of the activities that held on the second day included the Data Journalism tools training for the Nigerian media, advertisers / publishers session and an E-commerce roundtable session with top players in the industry.