Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Gratitude The Olivet Way!

Pastors Owen and Ngozi Nlekwuwa on the red carpet during the Pastors Appreciation Day Celebration

  Tell every youth that a good work will always be rewarded
 in one way or another---Pastor Owen.


Deep love and gratitude was at the heart of the worship!

The Olivet Bible Church decided to set aside March 30, as a special day to appreciate Pastors Owen and Ngozi Nlekwuwa and Pastor Iyke Ogunna.
They have worked selflessly and decided to run a ‘people race’ where every member of the Church is built with enduring qualities for growth.

During the event, Pastor Owen was overtaken by endless surprises. From the ‘Red Carpet’ reception given to every guest, to the short multimedia clips of very memorable moments of his life, he was eager to find out the ‘who’ behind all the doing.

For all that Olivet cared, Pastor Owen deserved every love that was expressed toward him.  The testimonies abound, especially in his mentoring of the youths. 
 Beyond the lively youth gathering for worship, Pastor Own has built into the thought stream of every youth, a passionate hunger for value and creativity. It is his open- secret and it has been yielding fruits!

L-R; Prof. Vin Anigbogu, his wife, Peggy; Pastors Owen and Ngosi Nlekwuwa

L-R; Pastor Jake Epelle and wife with the Nlekwuwas

A cross section of the pastors during the Olivet Bible Church Pastors Appreciation Day

Sunday, 23 March 2014

Battle Scars: A Photography Exhibition on Breast Cancer

Yetunde and Debby on a point. One of the exhibited photographs  hanging as backdrop
during the exhibition at Goethe Institut, Lagos

Camara Studios, managed by Yetunde Babaeko, inspired breast cancer survivors through a photo exhibition titled ‘Battle Scars’. The photography exhibition was to create awareness on breast cancer.

Though breast cancer is recorded as the most common cancer and leading cause of death among women in Nigeria, more women can survive breast cancer if they are aware of its symptoms  and go for early diagnosis, followed with prompt treatment.

Yetunde is motivated to help breast cancer patients and keen on debunking the myths surrounding breast cancer. The photographs have been taken by a group of professional and  aspiring female photographers who spent quality time with the women.

There is a lot of stigma associated with cancer, and in line with target 5 of the World Cancer Declaration, which is aimed at reducing stigma and dispelling the damaging myths and misconceptions; Sebeccly Cancer Care Foundation has a shared belief in raising the awareness profile of cancer survivorship and reducing the stigma associated with cancer in Nigeria.

In the last two years, Sebeccly has worked with the photographers to connect them with members of the breast cancer support group, in order to provide an insight into the challenges faced by cancer survivors.
This first-of a- kind photography exhibition is meant to tell stories of cancer survivors, their challenges and coping strategies. 

Proceeds from the sales of the photographs during the exhibition and thereafter, goes to the 1k4Cancer project to support cancer patients on Sebecly waiting list.
Supporters of the exhibition include Camara Studios, Sebeccly Cancer Care and Goethe-Institut, Lagos.  

Friday, 7 February 2014

Women Doing Business The Social Way: How Women Entrepreneurs Can Use Social Media To Build A Business


Business and Entrepreneurship,
Thursday  Feb. 20, 2014, 1.30pm- 2.30pm

Hosted by: Women's Technology Empowerment Centre - W.TEC 
You can register through link:


The Women’s Technology Empowerment Centre (W.TEC) is organising a panel discussion, which brings together a group of successful women entrepreneurs who are using social media in innovative and interesting ways to grow and promote their enterprises. They will share key experiences of using social media tools and, through a facilitated discussion, will explore the benefits and challenges they encountered.
Social media (and more generally, information technology) holds a lot of potential for showcasing a brand, identifying prospects and converting them to customers, growing a loyal community of customers and supporters, increase digital exposure, enhancing company trustworthiness, cut marketing costs and increasing sales.

Celebrating The Social Media Week


Invites students, teachers, tech enthusiasts and stakeholders from the Government and Private Sector specially to the next PASSNOWNOW.COM SOCIAL MEDIA WEEK Event.

Theme : “ How Nigerian Secondary School Students Are Moving to Digital”

 PASSNOWNOW will be holding the 2014 edition of the Social Media Week on Thursday, Feb. 20, 2014 from 4.30 pm to 5.30pm.
The event will take place at Terra Kulture, Plot 1376, Tiamiyu Salvage, Off Ahmadu Bello Way, Victoria Island, Lagos
PASSNOWNOW is Nigeria’s Prime Learning based social Community that employs contemporary solutions and innovation to teach, engage, entertain and empower Young people moving from teenage into early adulthood. Using Television, Radio and the Internet as channels of delivery, PASSNOWNOW is a technology -driven learning hotspot for Nigerian Secondary School Students and School Leavers.

Tuesday, 4 February 2014


                  Credit: Google Images

   Sebeccly cancer care and support centre
By Dr Omolola Salako, Executive secretary (consultant radiation oncologist) 
  Dr Deola Tijani, Programme Coordinator  

World Cancer Day (WCD), commemorated on the 4th of February every year, is an initiative to unite the entire world in the fight against the global cancer epidemic. WCD aims to save millions of preventable deaths each year by raising awareness, educating the public about cancer and advocating for increased government and individual commitment.
Sebeccly Cancer Care is commemorating this year’s world cancer day by launching the sexy virus campaign. Over 30% of cancers can be prevented by healthy life style decisions (safe sexual practices, immunization against virus causing cancers etc), hence, we are using this campaign to emphasize the viruses that are transmitted through sex and cause cancers.

Cancer affects everyone – the young and old, the rich and poor, men, women and children –Cancer is one of the leading causes of death in the world(including Nigeria). Yet, many of these deaths can be prevented.

More than 30% of cancers could be prevented; by not using tobacco; having a healthy diet; being physically active and moderating the use of alcohol.
 In developing countries up to 20% of cancer deaths could be prevented by immunization against the infection of hepatitis B virus and human Papilloma virus.

Support Foodbank Nigeria; Partner to build hunger-free communities!

Members of the Foodbank Nigeria Board

Coordinator, Foodbank Nigeria,Paul Achem with a group of volunteers in one of their outreaches

Distribution of coked food to children at a school in Ilaje area of Lagos

The Foodbank Nigeria is a non-profit and non-religious organisation founded in 2012 with a mission to feed the hungry in society.

At a media chat in Lagos recently, Chairman of the Board, Pastor Ituah Ighodalo said the aim of establishing the Foodbank Nigeria was to ensure that the less-privileged in the society did not go to bed hungry again.

Ituah said the mission was achievable if every person understood the need to contribute towards the project.

“ We want people to know that no contribution is too small or too big. But we can pool resources together, be it in food produce, money, time or advocacy.”

He said the organisation was wholly committed to providing raw foodstuff to the need irrespective of their religion or tribe.  

CCA Welcomes Erin Rice To Lagos

Erin Rice

CCA,Lagos is happy to introduce and welcome Erin M. Rice to Lagos. She will be working with the team at CCA, Lagos specifically on Asiko, 4th Edition of the CCA,Lagos International Art Programme in Dakar in May 2014.

Erin M. Rice was born in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. She studied art history and fine arts at Providence College and in 2010 received a Master’s degree in art history from Tufts University. She currently lives in Switzerland with her husband and is working towards a PhD in art history at the University of Bern.
Her research interests’ centres around the cross-cultural histories of fabric and textiles in Nigeria, and how those textiles have been used by modern and contemporary artists (particularly women artists) in Nigeria since Independence until today.
She is part of an interdisciplinary research group called “Other Modernities” whose work focuses on histories of modernity in the Middle East, Africa and Central America. In 2012, Rice was a grantee of the OYASAF research fellowship program.
During the next four months Rice will be working with CCA, Lagos on the programme Asiko during the 2014 Dak’Art Biennale, which kicks off in May, as well as doing research towards her dissertation.

“I'm very excited to return to Lagos for a longer stay. I’m especially happy to work at the CCA, which plays such an important role for the contemporary arts of Lagos, as well as to meet new artists and reconnect with the people I met during my first trip to Nigeria in 2012.” Erin M. Rice

"We are extremely happy to host Erin Rice during her stay in Lagos. It extends our knowledge of African cultural production bringing an added perspective to our core areas of interest and research which has in the past included fashion, dress and identity. We are excited about learning more on Erin's research into the history of fabrics and textiles.  In addition she will be an invaluable team member as we plan the 4th Edition of the CCA, Lagos International Art Programme in Dakar in May." Director of CCA, Lagos Bisi Silva. 

Forthcoming in April: Talk by Erin Rice on her research.
If you would like to interact with Erin please visit us at CCA, Lagos.